Is Fort George closing?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Outstanding, Mar 4, 2006.

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  1. Someone told me that it will close within 3 years. too remote, expensive and inadequate. Sounds like the Labour party!
  2. No. 1 R IRISH there until -sssh - then the new Royal Regiment of Scotland (xxx Bn) arrive and it becomes a permanent post of the RRS. There is a gap of some months twixt units whilst it is refurbished in parts etc.

    This is common knowledge up here. The Fort is actually very popular as a posting - it is far enough away to stop all the rifffraff from MoD coming up every two minutes, Inverness is the fastest growing city in the UK and there are plenty of bars, females and tourists!

    Unfortunately as the Paddys have found out, they don't get to spend a lot of time there!
  3. I heard that the refurb is prior to hand over to Scottish Heritage when they will make it into a full blown museum cum hotel etc. The delay in occupation will actually turn into the military handover.
  4. Funny that. Like Cabarfeidh I live near to Ft George as well and know quite a few lads from 1 R IRISH.

    The word I have gotten from them is that when they depart for Tern Hill in late 2006/early 2007, 4(?) SCOTS (former 1 BW) will be taking over from them. NO mention of anything Outstanding alludes to has been mentioned at ALL in the local press, who are a good source of info locally. Ditto from the folk I know at 51 Bde or 2 Div.

    Would be very interested to know where Outstanding gets his "information" from. :?
  5. 3 SCOTS aka 1 BW will go in late 2007 possibly early 2008 depending on refurbishment etc. We need 1 R IRISH to stay as they let us into the Sgts Mess for our Dinner Nights every February! Great bunch of lads and very co-operative - they have a good rep with the local community actually
  6. Close some thing in Scotland, well the Scottish MP's would never stand for it. Lets face it they keep Blair in his office and he can keep control of England with those votes.
  7. I would be bloody surprised if the Army left Fort George; Historic Scotland picks up the bill so it doesn`t cost the Army much to keep a presence there. Ranges on the doorstep, endless wet and miserable mountains to train on - perfect for the infantry!
  8. With the reduction of English Inf bns there is no sufficient Bk space in UK for us not to retain FG - too far away from any Formation HQ etc.
  9. The Fort was indeed a good posting though as Cabar pointed out one spent little time there.
    As for the Fort being too remote, nonsense! There is an operational RAF airfield nearby a railroad and the A9. Is that any less accessible/remote than Norton Manor (RM Cdo station)?
  10. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    I spent 4 1/2 loooooong years there. It was murder. The long trip back down S to Edinburgh (no-one wanted to stay around Inverness - no life at all there). It meant a weekly run against the undercover cop cars on the A9 and the hope that the Edinburgh girlies would stay around long enough to see you the next weekend.

    Personally I liked the barracks- accom was pretty good - although coming around the end of the Offr Mess or BHQ into the central was a challange if the wind was blowing - wind tunnel from hell - when many a TOS would go sailing but as a posting, it must be top of the list to get rid off.

    Some reasons

    1. Just look at all the figures in regard to recruiting and more importantly retention. Fort George has been a killer posting for each and every Inf Bn posted there since at least the early 90's (when I was there) and remains so to date.

    2. It remains the sh1tty job Bn in the old HQ Scotland (now 2 Div) and although I have come to the conclussion that 2LI in Edinburgh have collected this task for the last year (poor sods), the likelihood is that this will revert to norm soon.

    I would like to think that Scottish politics will protect the Fort - after all it is the last bastion of Scottish Inf in the Scottish Highlands but as someone who is a realist, it is not difficult to see why the MOD would (or anyone sane or interested in retention) want to close the place. Couldn't blame them myself........

    Long live what's left of the Scottish Inf - get rid of Fort George now.................

  11. Spot on, and then consider the effect of its isolation from Bde HQ, Comds like their units close.
  12. Several conflicting points of view regarding the Fort, by and large our soldiers liked the Fort and Inverness (particularly the lassies) liked our soldiers, though this was before (76-80) Inverness became the metropolis it now, apparently, is.

    Families suffered the separation caused by tours to Belize and Belfast and exercises in Kenya and the USA not to mention public duties in London and Edinburgh and frequent jaunts to Otterburn and Barrybuddon, despite this retention was good (though there wasn't the high employment currently enjoyed in Scotland). It was a pleasant contrast to the preceeding eighteen month tour in NI. I am sure 3SCOTS will find it equally as enjoyable on their return from Belfast.

    Prior to leaving for BAOR in 1980 the Bn was granted the honour of marching through Inverness and given a reception in the Town Hall. Happy days.
  13. Yes, but wasn't that "early 90s" posting compounded by just having fought a war, doing tours of NI, and certain Bn personalities?

    IIRC it was the period where a fully-manned Armd Inf Bn became an undermanned light role Bn...
  14. Looking at todays scenario what is better?
  15. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Yes, true and not helped by the capping on recruitment at the time too.

    However, things have not improved since then. Just look at those regiments who have been posted there in the last 15 years and see how many of them aren't in the bottom 5 Bns for manning right now.