Is Eviction and Dole Stopping Legal?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by AIR FILTER, Aug 14, 2011.

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  1. From a strictly legal point of view ...... Would a rejection of Social security benefit and eviction of a tenant living in council property be legal on a person convicted of rioting?

    My own view would be that David Cameron has made a knee jerk reaction by acting tough to the media, but all he has done is create a new set of problem's with this poorly thought out plan.

    I understand that the first test cases are to be put before the courts next week.

    I have absolutely no sympathy for any rioter of last weeks dreadful events, but i fear that the law will see Cameron's "tough talking plan" in a completely different light.

    We all know the law is a ARRSE.

    But will the prime minister be made out to be one as well over this matter?
  2. The taxpayers will pay for the lawyers and he'll draw his pension regardless - you think he gives a ****?
  3. The benefits stopping thereof would need a change in legislation however there is already provision for councils to evict anti-social and undesirable tenants according to their occupancy rules and what the tenants signed up to when they leased the property...buried in the small print is some undertakings and obligations on their part.

    Many posters have advanced the theory that once evicted, tenants would still need to be housed by that council on an emergency basis. This may well be the case, however they would likely go into far less desirable council housing, in even worse areas and having their families messed about moving from sink estate to sink estate for a few years. Just remember that much social housing in is in good nick, but a lot isn't.
  4. As I understand it, council tenants are being hoofed all the time if they commit criminal offences.

    This is no different from a family proven to be involved in drugs, anti-social behaviour etc. being evicted.
  5. Whilst true, more often than not the criminal offence/antisocial behaviour is considered in the light of how it impacts upon the immediate milieu, i.e. what effect it has upon neighbouring tenants' enjoyment of their own tenancies.
  6. The dole issue aside.

    The legislation for "out on their ear" is already in place. The difficulties are, the controversial aspect of hoofing Mum when it's little Johnny/Abdul who has committed the offence.


    I reckon if these proposed evictions do occur on a more substantial footing, then softly softly will be the key, in order to negate the potential uprising of those in the community that will surely object.

    Any excuse for another spot of burning and looting.
  7. H3

    H3 LE

    Sharia law may just do the biz in situations like this ..... Brutal and to the point !
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  8. We evict the family,then what? They still need to be housed.IIRC their local council are legally obliged to accommodate them.
  9. In North Yorks they are offered a place in a homeless unit, basic shared facilities, at a price that exceeds their normal rent. Council have met their obligation, end of.
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  10. They'll end up in private rented in a nice area with nice neighbours who they can rob from.
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  11. Chubb, got a job? No thought not, your opinion doesn't count. **** off.
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  12. evicting is a ok idea but its going to cost the tax payer more money. why not put their kids in care, stop all benifits and make them do community service for a few months and then force them into a job. more jobs more taxes
  13. Typical knee jerk bollox that govt come up with to look macho, this will just cost (councils) more than letting them keep their houses tbh.
    Does anyome actually think that a scrote and his Mam when chucked out onto the street will have an epiphany and will suddenly turn their lives around and become model citizens?
    Or B become even more resentful and will be far more likely to chuck petrol bombs and stab coppers?

    Go on have a guess which is more probable.
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  14. totally agree with llech, its a stupid idea that will incite more havoc on the streets of the UK
  15. Strange world,
    Break a couple of windows and nick a telly and they take away your home

    Steal millions from a pension fund, shut down the world economy, and get a bonus to buy a bigger house.

    AND what the fuk is Cameron saying to english Plod by bringing a septic to teach them their job.

    FFS this lot have got to go.....
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