Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by StevieW, May 30, 2007.

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  1. You must be able to read my mind Stevie as i was thinking about this last night. Seeing as you can buy it over the counter i cant see that it would be.. but you know what there like.. bound to turn there nose up at it!
  2. :twisted: oh dear someone has been watching the film Crank !

    it would be handy to get some before a bpfa , dunno about the erection with it lols


    seriously i dont think the army wants us to take things to enhance performance hence the cheap fags and booze we have access to on every tour etc
  5. I'd recommend having a word with the med centre. They should be able to either help or give you advice.

    Pseudoephedrine is found in a lot of cold remedies that can provide a false positive reaction when testing for ephedrine. If you're taking a cold remedy I'd recommend keeping the receipt for it in case you do get caught out!
  6. Banned if you are playing certain army sports (Rugby) at representational level (ie. where you are liable to testing) If caught you can be banned rrom the sport for life!!
    think on before you do it, if you can't pass tests without it, whats the point!?
  7. Im pretty sure they allow soldiers to take creatine so i can't see why this would be banned.
  8. Legal at present but best to check with your MO or Pharm Tech in the med centre first. I believe restrictions on its supply will be in force soon any way so it won't be available for much longer. Cough and cold remedies containing it might well become Prescription Only Medicines
  9. Have a look at the side effects for ephedra, its pretty bad stuff really. They used to put it in an energy drink called ultimate orange years ago which I tried once and it wasnt a pleasant sensation. I was doing boxing training at the time and was really going for it though I just didnt seem to be getting tired at all.When I got home though and sat down my heart was racing, felt like I was going to have a heart attack or something!
    If your serious about getting fit/losing weight stick to a balanced diet/structured exercise regime and you wont go far wrong.
  10. ?cock?
  11. msr

    msr LE

    So you can do a PFT faster than 90% of the army and you want to lose weight?

    I think you need to see a trick cyclist...

  12. Hardly surprising they are merely stereo isomers of each other.....

    But while it supresses apetite and can mildly boost performance it increases the heart rate and anyone should be careful about strenuous exercise on it.
    Yes - most fit people could well manage fine, but even some very fit people have died using this to boost performance.... Only a few years ago a young NFL player was training with the Minnesota Vikings, hot summers day, and died - upon autopsy the use of ephedrine was blamed.

    If do use - make sure and keep your fluids well topped up.
  13. Ephadrine also helps open the airway when exercising. It is a common drug used by those who suffer from asthma. It does the same as any other smilling pill on the market like hydroxicut.
  14. It's primary use amongst body builders is for fat burning rather than performance enhancement, although it can in some circumstances be performance enhancing. It can also impair your performance if used incorrectly.

    It appears in different forms (some perfectly legal medicinal purposes) but I think the one you refer to (known as the ECA stack because it is combined with caffeine and aspirin) is the one that two other posters have correctly identified as being a substance banned by, amongst others, the IOC and also to blame for the death of an up and coming young American Footballer. It has killed other people too; it can cause heat injuries and severe dehydration (it is also a diuretic). I am fairly certain that it is now illegal in the US and I have a feeling that it soon will be here too, if it is not already (in the form i refer to)

    I have used it myself and it can be very effective but it also has some nasty side effects. As for CDT - ??? no idea - as someone has already said, ask at the med-centre...