IS Engr wanting to do a civvy course.

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by BWFC, Mar 5, 2008.

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  1. Can anyone (well those in the know) please let me know the maximum time allowed permitted to do a course that is self funded using ELC and own expenses?

    I am wanting to do a course that is within my trade description but the army doesnt sponser such course(s) so I am going to do it by other means,also using my annual leave if needed.

    The only downfall its 6 weeks long, The course is all IT related.

    Cheers for any input (sensible) given

  2. Speak to your CoC, if they are likely to benefit, they can grant you leave to take it. Or class it as a duty, so you don't have to take any leave. One of the two I can't remember.

    I did a civvie course, self funded and was given three days off for the test. The course benefited the unit greatly.
  3. cheers choc-frog I will speak to my CoC and see what they say, If you dont ask you dont get.
    I was too sure if it could be classed as duty but I am sure I will find out this week.
  4. bin it and take up a correspondence course with equivalent quals
  5. Why?
  6. cheers for the input guys,

    I have taken the steps to do the course in 3 (2 week parts) spanning over 9 months,(leave bans being my biggest hurdle) this is all because the powers that be will not make the decision to take advantage of the course and cannot see the benefits of it.
    Its a data forensics course and for some reason there doesn't seem to be a great call for that in the IS trade group?
    So I will use my leave and my own funding to do the course.

    Oh well
  7. I don't think there's much call for data forensics in any IS job... unless anyone knows of any R Sigs postings with the monkeys?
  8. That will be only a matter of time and when some smart arrse decides they want more cuts, a Sigs full screw is cheaper than a Fed SSgt :)
  9. BWFC

    no probs with time span for ELC however you must complete the course and fill in the evaluation form otherwise you'll not be able to claim any other of your ELCs.

    Any probs or questions about it, drop me a pm.