IS Engr to CSE

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by MiracleBill, Apr 14, 2012.

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  1. Excuse my naivety with trade names, but has anyone had a look at how they are going to maintain a balance career when there is only 1 Tech flavour and the unit you are posted to doesn't have any of it's own IT?
  2. What's hppening now?

    I thought we were supposed to be having two trades IS Engr and CS Engr. Have they merged them again?
  3. They're about to I believe and it will be a unit responsibility to ensure that the individual has a balanced career i.e. a bit of teching and a bit of ITing. How will this happen in a unit without any computers?
  4. How will it happen in a unit with only computers?

    ILUO charts a go go.
  5. Exactly. Has the Corps issued any direction on how an individual shoul ensure that they remain 'balanced' trade wise?
  6. Probably just make sure they don't 'stream' in to certain units... the balance can occur posting to posting too.
  7. Adjt said it is going to be a unit responsibility. With 5 year postings I can't Glasgow dealing with the problem.
  8. 5 year postings? I thought we'd have a spread of postings from 1 year to 5?
  9. Que?
  10. CSR - 5 year postngs.
    Other units 3, out of role 2 nd the ondd 1 year special.
  11. Assuming that can be managed what happens at a CSR?
  12. Should be plenty of scope to move around and have a go in all areas.
  13. I was hoping that someone had moved beyond blue sky thinking and conducted some actual planning.
  14. We have two shades of blue in our colurs for a reason.

    Light blue for 'blue sky thinking', deep blue for 'deep blue sky thinking' and green for faces of the lads during the 'ride'.
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  15. When did the posting length change?