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IS Engr to CSE

Excuse my naivety with trade names, but has anyone had a look at how they are going to maintain a balance career when there is only 1 Tech flavour and the unit you are posted to doesn't have any of it's own IT?
What's hppening now?

I thought we were supposed to be having two trades IS Engr and CS Engr. Have they merged them again?
They're about to I believe and it will be a unit responsibility to ensure that the individual has a balanced career i.e. a bit of teching and a bit of ITing. How will this happen in a unit without any computers?
There is only one trade. they merged IS and Tech to become CS about 4 years ago. As for the posting lengths it is indeed going up to 5 years and Glasgow will be dealing with it. The CoC have all been in the loop on this debate for the last 2 years at least.
I'm not being funny but since when, in the last 10 years at least! have we (the Corps) had any units that have not had, at least a modicum, of IT in it?
In 10 years do you honestly think that there will be any more than two trades in the Corps any way? It works for the Aussies and the Kiwi's, it'll soon be us. We could cut the Corps in half!
Gone are the days when we had to field an entire Squadron of Scalies to put up tentage and admin for the Staff, only to spend the rest of the tour/exercise stagging on. We should combine everything, make trade training longer to incorporate everything, then deploy less man power. The RLC pioneer defence platoon defends, the rest yah-de-yah-duh covers all the other bases while the Signals, wait for it-I know it sounds far fetched and totally alien but-, COMMUNICATE!
I spent 2 years in an Apprenticeship, plus 3 months 8 Sigs training, plus 2 months driver training, plus all the other stuff, plus my class one and Bowman conversion, for what? I spent most of my career as a Tom either stagging on or pan bashing because the Staff don't do Ptarmigan!!

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