IS Engineers - why dont they exist in the TA????

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Jul 14, 2007.

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  1. Just reading this thread IS Engineers - where are they all going???? on the Sigs thread and I thought:

    Maybe the TA is part of the answer.

    Bin the tech trade, suitable soldiers would then be sent on civilian IT courses e.g.

    Managing and Implementing a Windows Server 2003 Environment for their class 3

    Implementing, Managing and Maintaining a Windows 2003 Network infrastructure for class 2

    the remaining 2 modules for their class 1 (and full MCSE qual)

    This has obvious flaws, firstly it would be an incentive to join the TA, secondly the TA soldier may get a better civilian job, gaining more experience, better wage and more useful to the army. Thirdly the TA soldier would be more (civilian) employable with proper qualifications gained via the TA. The soldier is trained in less time and probably at a lower cost.

    Its an absolute no brainer, we should look instead at giving already fit soldiers free/reduced gym membership (while the lardies don't bother to take up the offer).

    p.s. our sole tech at the moment is looking at transferring APTC when he gains his advanced PTI qual.

    p.p.s. AAAAAARGH the TA, fixing it is so simple
  2. The possible risk is a mixture of a)Busman's Holiday......There is absolutely no way I'm going to spend all week rolling out 50 laptops whilst rebuilding the image and F88king off idiots at the high port who want their own software (without a license) on a company's own equipment and then come in to spend a weekend doing the same thing. And don't get me started on some seniors idea of of network security, I've seen people sacked in civi jobs for breeching network security, having seen how some people treat network security in the Army, I'd last about 3 days before I'm court martialed........b) If you're any good, you don't have the time for TA, and to be honest £150 plus day versus £'s a no brainer......;-)
  3. Security and accountability. If there is an IS engineer in for the odd weekend only he can seriously fukc up the whole network and then go back to the day job.
  4. Good Grief......Why do you think some users are known as RKU...? I can down a system, block users, block software, put the system out of use by running software updates, security checks, virus sweeps, defrag harddrives, replace and rebuild RAID arrays, change user and machine policies, even prevent users from daring to touch the bloody thing! It takes a user to try something "clever" and lock up a network..........or programmers..... :x
  5. Programmers, I'll grant you (mental picture of half-trained oik with a week's course in Java under his belt, or god forbid a hardware engineer writing software). Software engineers, never :)

    But as you say, if you deal with software all week, WhyTF do it at the weekend? I went to the infantry, FFS...
  6. Oi! Less on the programmers :D I can't help it if I have to find ways around problems that Network Nazi's put in place.
  7. Right...That's RKU for you my son.............! :D
  8. eh! My windows account just got locked out????? How do ya manage that?
  9. Skill......................
  10. And a little help from the Network Nazis...... :wink:
  11. Although I suspect our Network Nazis/nancies buggered up the web proxy...
  12. It's crazy no? I approached a unit about being engaged in such a role (they had REEBOK etc too so plenty of stuff) they asked if I wanted to be tech but said I'd get bored of it pretty quick.

    If I were mobilised I don't think I'd have sufficient rank to do the work that I do in my civi 'IS Eng' role.. that can also have me sent to such places with about 10 x my TA salary and OF priveleges where as if I did it in green skin they'd pay naff all and I'd get constrant grief as a Pte as to why I'm doing XYZ with all sorts of crazy systems.

    Time to give LICSG a call?
  13. As I understand it, if you have an interest in becoming an IS Eng or have the skills and are interested in using them on Operations contact 33, 34 or 35 Sig Regt (V) for more information about support to 1 Sig Bde. Believe they are currently looking at the issue and for those that demonstrate the aptitude pretty much immediate options to deploy in role, with future options within the Regiments.
  14. msr

    msr LE

    So is Ptarmigan now officially dead?

  15. No of course not. But incrementally introducing other kit is seen as a positive step. Ptarmigan is good for teaching the tactical drills and skills required on a det though..