IS Engineer - Good bits and bad bits please tell all!

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Disco, Feb 26, 2008.

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  1. Good bits, they know how to use search engines.. why dont you ask one how its done...
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    Theres more but I'll stop there.

    The key thing missing from your post is your opinion and the context.

    Have you just found out how to use the internet and now think you can be a clever d1ck stirring up trade banter? Too slow and old news sorry bud.

    Or are you looking at either joining up as or transfering to the IS roster, this is ok but what is important is what are YOUR views and concerns? This will determine how the guys in the know will help you out.

    So back to you...
  3. Greengoblin, what kind of things do you want to know? What the job is like compared to others, or what the people are like compared to others? We often get petty arrseholes on here trying to snipe at various trade groups, so it would be useful to know a wee bit about your own background. Are you from another capbadge and considering trying to transfer? We can help if you're genuinely interested.

    Alternatively we could start a trade war. exciting!

  4. GG, regarding where someone works, there's a mixed bag actually. Most units have IS Engrs working in the main Sqns now, because the equipment is mainline Sqn business. Some other places they are working in little specialist teams such as HQ Sqns. My last 2 units had very few people left in HQ Sqn, they were all "farmed out". It all depends on the Regt's role really, although the very nature of the job means that most normal deployments involve working in a headquarters of some sort.

    The female members of the trade are doing pretty well all in all (I'm pretty sure some funny git will slag us off for having excessive œstrogen) and there are half-a-dozen female WOs out there, but like all the other trades in the Army (except maybe the AGC clerks), it's mainly blokes. Promotion is a touchy subject for some. The current demand is far outstripping the supply, so many people feel that promotion is coming far too quickly at the moment. The only bottleneck is really up at SNCO level - Sgt to SSgt. The short answer is that if you are qualified and recommended by your chain of command then you have a good chance of promotion.
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  8. I look like a bloody amateur now. Doh!

    Bloody thing said database error, so I went back to try it again a couple of times. Then gave up and sent a PM instead.

    Sorry guys I've let you down and I've let myself down. :oops:
  9. I hear an echo
  10. And this is supposed to be a thread from about Information Systems specialists? Wow, I'm stunned by how fantastic I must be as an RAF IT geek compared to army ones - I know how to use a search engine AND how to post a message just the once!!!

  11. So rumours of civvies having to hack LDCN in order to support ICS apps as the RAF IT guys were so shit are not true........... or did I just start that one :twisted:
  12. He's probably on a DII terminal
  13. Nah, I was just being a mong. The rest of my roster are awesome, it's just me who doesn't know how to use a webpage.

    Funnily enough, I want to look into the RAF trade group 4 and what they do, or are able to do and what they are trained in. I will PM you furq, if that's OK. Have you got a link to any information regarding the trade?
  14. Hi PoisonDwarf, hope you appreciate my tongue was planted firmly in my cheek!!!

    should tell you all the official spin on the trade, you'll probably get a better feel for it if you have a look around e-goat (RAF equivalent(ish) of ARRSE). My personal opinion is that it was a great idea implemented very poorly.

    Essentially 2 previous trades have been amalgamated into 1 trade, but there are still 2 streams. My stream is CIS Technician, so we do more in-depth technical hands on stuff, while the other stream is CIS Information Manager and their role is accounts, systems etc.

    If you want any more info ask on here or via PM.

  15. Sounds a wee bit like maintainer/operator and operator/maintainer respectively.