IS Eng Trg (and mobilised TA support)

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Merlin745, Dec 31, 2005.

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  1. I thinking about putting forward a proposal to train TA RS Ops/Techs in IS.

    The basic idea is to enrol them on online courses (see The Defence Electronic Learning Support Centre) and then run a couple of weekends to bring them uptp Win 2003 MCSA standard (the DELC courses are geared towards W2K Server). Hopefully then giving them the chance to sit the exams. (also see ARRSE - Initial thoughts/discussion thread)

    This would partly train them on the kit we use but would need to spend a little more time teaching/explaining how to wire up Cat 5, use the Sat kit, ELUPS etc...

    But am I missing anything obvious like router config? Would what we're thinking about doing, help solve problems with TA mobilised as IS Eng.

    Obviously thinking mainly about on-line study but I've looked at the self teach (such as MS Win 2003 Core Requirement Training Kit from MS Press) - that may also be useful in complimenting the online material. Could consider a 9-5 (two week :lol: ) course but that benefits those on low pay/out of work and not those working in the IT industry.
  2. Beats paying for it yourself I suppose. Then they could get out instead of doing their duty, after realising that the job entails a bit more than playing soldiers and getting ming monged in the bar after a drill night. Sweeping generalisation I know but more than a grain of truth in it.
  3. Well maybe, if I understood who/what you were talking about :?:

    Why would I leave if I gained MCSA(/E), I'm already employed in a IS job and why would I leave my particular field to be paid less in another (although the qual may assist me getting a job in another firm).

    Yes TA are getting out but thats due to other reasons, being sent on Ops inadequatley prepared is one of them. Preparing them to do the job is a therefore a retention factor as is giving the most committed quals.

    Nearly all TA leave the bar quite early on drill nights, they've got work the next day, some others do stay behind but they can sleep in their offices overnight.
  4. "being sent on Ops inadequatley prepared is one of them" B@llox. Take out the words "inadequately prepared" out and you might be right. Why on earth would someone join the TA to do something they do in civvy street? Unless the were a Doctor etc. I thought the TA was all about doing something different? The TA who augmented us on Telic 1 were OK a couple of decent sorts and couple of right arrses, one of whom got an A2 stuck up his hairy nostril one night. They came back and spread the good news of life on Ops, the old dears couldn't get out of the gates quick enough. Except for the Walts and the unemployed.
  5. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    Never mind the MCSA bit etc. Good old basic backup techniques, data recovery, helpdesk skills and IT security should do the trick for starters.
  6. I personnally cant see a place for TA IS Engr. If you look at the roles carried out by the regular guys at the mo in this trade i.e Div HQ, Bde HQ's, static HQ's like Land, HQNI etc etc how would that fit into the TA structure? What kit would they manage at the TA centers? Yes they can integrate into the HQ's on exercise, but where is the true benefit in that. Don't want to appear negative because I have served with the TA on ops. The army is becoming more CIS focussed with new systems coming into place (i.e Bowman etc), but once again how does that fit into the TA role. Excuse my ignorance if I am looking at this from the wrong angle.
  7. Apologies gents, just read the top post again, Merlin was talking about RS ops and Techs. Will now place my c**k back into my CB95 :)
  8. Thats the point, Techs and RS Ops are being fudged into the role (as TA IS Eng doesn't exist, the closest we have are officers from LIAG(V)).

    The trade/skills are needed to maintain/run this kit Project REEBOK
  9. Merlin, please excuse my ignorance. Had not heard of REEBOK. It would seem the TA also suffer from 'Golden signaller' syndrome that appears to be spreading through the corp nowadays.
  10. msr

    msr LE

    'Golden signaller'?

  11. Golden Signaller?... I know what REEBOK is but that term is a new one on me.

  12. Just a metaphor......jack of all trades
  13. Ahh, your use of the wording "spreading" threw me. i thought this might be a new phenomena, but alas, its not (at least not in the TA).

    Being adequately trained to use the kit we have appears to be permanently scheduled for about 5 mins before we need to use it for real (MACA event or similar), which might be thought of as "a little late in the day". Its a good job i'm a fast learner.

    Good on ya Merlin! I'd be very interested in doing the course you mentioned. I'm an RS Op (NC) [now rebranded as IS Op, i believe], sadly though i have a full time job and have already scheduled to hand over 15 of my 25 days holiday to the TA (thats without annual camp, so no sunshine again for me this year?). But i'm sure you'll find a lot of takers on this means.

  14. Masters of non - Not the TA Signals fault - but training and change takes time.

    Its the usual case - the MOD set something new up, train a few people in everything, namely regular soldiers who disappear after 2 years and take the skills with them, then involve elements of the TA a bit more and see what they can pick up, certain TA members were given the techincal courses but most have left now to take up IT jobs that this specialised training allows them to now do.

    Regular IS Engrs are now in place in the Reebok regiments, but it still puts all the eggs in one basket, the training programmes do not allow sufficient time to carry out the required training on Reebok.

    Also TA operator and tech trades are too rigid and trade camps still do Clansman and NCRS, in order for soldiers to get class 2 and class 1 they have to know the older technoligies, Clansman and NCRS, etc, so there is no incentive to learn the IT side.

    The TA member with a regular job cannot get the sufficent time off to do the equipment courses, so the unemployed ones get the courses and then get the skills that mean they then get jobs, thereby leaving the TA or attending less.

    no matter how much marketting and publicity Reebok is given the main users, Civpol and Bdes still don't utilise Reebok, therefore the TA get no proper hands on, therefore the skills base and levels ebb away and the efficiency is lost.

    As per previous posts, the TA trades need looking at and the roles of regiments need the correct training to do the role they have been given, again time and skills levels are key to this.

    could go on but feel I am now ranting.
  15. Quite agree and changes in training has not kept up with changes in equipment. Yep I also agree with all the comments about commiting time for training, thats one reason for delivering the majority of training online (and paying people for giving up more time to learn). Yep training needs to aimed at all, not only those who have plenty of time to put in MTDs.

    So does this mean the Sqn YofS needs to retrained or will they're skills in message handling be adequate to manage, plan and implement CIS in a Signal Squadron(/regional Bde) with IT.

    edit: Last sentence removed