Is Duffdike a Penile Wart ?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by 58_Pattern, Jan 18, 2008.

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  1. One Question on him with a single Q on his own Integrity & yet 1k of postings. Does he mix capability with ambition?

    Is he misguided with problems and an embarassment ?

  2. I think he mixes bleach with LSD to be honest.

    NAAFI would be more appropriate for this I feel. ;)
  3. I understand that he has created his very own thread in the NAAFI for such questions to be asked, discussed and possibly answered.

    Move along now. :D
  4. He did, but it degenerated (like that wasn't going to happen!) and then some kind soul locked and holed it!

    As to the question, is he a penile wart, I would say, no, no and thrice no!

    I think he is more like thrush, as he's an irritating cnut!

    I'm pretty sure he only writes what he writes for bites - it certainly works!
  5. In a word, Yes :wink:
  6. I'm sure he is just misunderstood, and has a wealth of experience to give us.
  7. I'd rather be poor then.
  8. Those chemicals are illegal, give them up!
  9. How can you misunderstand a cnut, cnut is a cnut is a cnut!!!!
  10. He's like Sven but a sven who injects petrol into his eyeball with a wasp.
  11. Come on Flash, give the poor lad a chance. After all, I'm sure he knows a lot more about the Army/Officer/SNCO/JNCO/Nig/Civilian Life/RAF/RAF Regt/Navy/being a fireman/lawyer/Equal Opportunities expert than any of us.

    Everyone deserves a chance. Let him have his say.
  12. Close to 1100 responses in about three months. How does he manage that! No idea what this guys story is, can't have a very demanding job!Without judging someone I don't know, it's often said that "empty barrels make the most noise".
  13. You seem to forget that for every scenario, he has an anecdote. Christ, was he everywhere at the same time as Smudge,Dinger,Chalky etc??? Cos if he was, his career was well full up.
  14. well the people have spoken.....................

    and now we can present Duffdike his prestiduous award.


    congratulations my son. you are 'badged'
  15. Airfix would that would be the same thread that you claimed to have served with the royal marines and then under pressure admitted it was as a cadet.

    You should hang your head in shame you tosser, at least DD hasn't lied about his service.

    And as an aside why don't you answer the questions that you asked him

    remember asking this?

    1 How long served and between what years.

    2. In which Regiment/Corps.

    3. Any active/operational tours.

    4. Taken any incoming.

    5. Fired off any in anger.

    You are a total cnut, don't you dare slag anyone off or call there service into question when the only experience you have is as a fcuking cadet. DD may comne across as a bit of a prick but he has done his time