Is downes/"doomandgloom" a monging troll?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by crabby, Jun 18, 2006.

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  1. Yes - Wish he'd fcuk off

  2. Yes - He's good fun to have around

  3. No

  4. Crabby, stop drinking and get out more

  1. Doomandgloom, aka Downes rightly pointed out 99% of NAAFI threads involve pi$$ taking, so I'm just continuing this trend.

    He is a mong and a troll, there can really be no doubt about that. The last arrsers to take flack and change username include blondebint and pentwyn.

    Does anyone here enjoy his "banter?"

    Does anyone lament the introduction of Health and Safety which prevents the natural laws of selection from going about their normal business (you could still go stick your fingers in a socket you know, please?)
  2. Hes a Mong.
  3. I for one really like him/her/it, i think its a right laugh, and i hope he doesn't die in a horrible accident like getting his balls caught in a lift door and having them ripped off, and him bleeding to death.

    in short he is a pentwyn tipe knob head
  4. He's a fooking tit. But Arrse is Arrse and it's not a democracy.

    Not that it'll make much difference but I'm going to try to ignore him.
  5. Wasn't there a facility where you could block O2 thiefs posts? I know it was for Firefox can't remember (ok can't be bollixed searching)if it was for IE too
  6. It's not? Then why the hell have I been giving out free blowjobs to try and rival the power of the COs...?
  7. Yep BFG 9000 knocked it up

    Only works for Firefox, though he may have made one for IE now, I didn't read the whole post.
  8. Hallveg, you are such a creep and only want into his/her/it's kecks.

    IHMO (and I personally know the chap) despite being extraordinarilly good looking he is actually quite a tool.

    Serious note (if I may) re. name change. For one, I did not change it to be anonymous to you all, I doubt if that is possible anyway. I did it due to the constant reference to my mothers maiden surname and the 'syndrome' suffix that a minority choose to add. It did not bother me at school (I dished out a couple of bashings but not for this), rather I have a colleague who's child has DS. I'd hate to think what he would say if he (and many other ARRSE contributors remember) were to read some of the posts. Serious bit over.

    Back to the poll. Is doomandgloom really extraordinarilly good looking? If lucky hallweg just might find out.
  9. What's an "IHMO"?
  10. If your colleagues' child turns out to be a kn0b-jockey as well as a mong, will your stock response to other posters change from allegations of homosexuality? As an aside, maybe smearing icecream on ones' c0ck could be a viable alternative to the marmite and dog method espoused on other threads.
  11. J_D

    J_D LE

    doomandgloom, you were a public school boy! Explains your constant need to act an arse.
  12. Ahhhh disregard my post in the Magnetic thread..... Slow today. Slow most days.

    BTW Lovely here in Deutchland, and looking forwards to the hangover on Wed....
  13. Isnt there another thread about D&G?
  14. Once you handed out said bashings, were you called round for tiffin by the housemaster?

    You pretentious tube.
  15. Filthy,
    Untill you have tried both then i think you should reserve your opinion, you simply cannot beat marmite and a mut however doomandglooms mongey mates kid, would probably be better because he's less likely to bite my weener. so bring him round and ill let him have a go.

    edited cos am a bit fick