Is Dogface the acceptable face of US Imperialism

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Delboy3, Jan 28, 2007.

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  1. A lot of us have responded to Dogface in many threads which always end up in the predictable insults and stalemate. Are Dogface's comments typical of the US attitude or is he a 'One off'?
  2. Everyone has their own right to an opinion. He does his act just like many others. It's a brit forum I realize this, but it's also a public forum.

    And eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Insult us, we insult you back. We insult you, you insult us back. And it goes on and on and on.

    Who cares? We're on the same side no matter what. It's been recognized that there are stupid/intelligent people on both sides of the pond. Let it be. It almost sounds like you guys want us to be arrogant pricks the way some of you provoke us.
  3. Deucedfour comments

    That is the British way - provoke a reaction to see how the others think. The good news is that most of you realise it and are not arrogant pricks and don't jump in without thinking things through. However 'You know who' can always be relied on to demonstrate what a prat he is. The fact that Dogface's comments are almost solitary demonstrate that most of you US contributers are ok guys. We just delight in winding people up, the trouble is that Dogface is just too easy and frankly is a bit of a bore. Insomniacs like me need something to pass the time and he is it.
  4. Dogface is just a silly, annoying cünt. He likes to think he's provocative, when all he's showing is that he's a loser.

    He was a cook in the Septic Army for six months until he fell into a deep ditch when he was totally Brahms, badly injuring his back. He was MD'd and since then he's lived on his disability pension and state handouts. But he likes to large it. He's just a sad loser in reality.

    However, think of the very fine, sensible Septics who contribute on ARRSE, like USAF_Odd_Ball, Chief Joseph, Virgil, Trippy, Devil_Dog etc, and you'll quickly come to the conclusion that Muttmush is in a minority of one. Jesus! Even T6 is miles better than he is.

  5. Bugsy, thank you for Dogface's military resume - it was more exciting than I expected. I am surprised however that someone with his vast knowledge of weapons, strategy and military doctrine was given an MD. What a waste!
  6. But we also have Tankies_Yank, a constant source of wit and pleasure (among others).

    Let's be realistic. Our American friends on this site are mostly good, but there's the odd t*sser. It's the same for us. Let's live with it and not make it a site issue.
  7. I think i'm starting to finally realize. Thanks for the heads up.
  9. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    Where did this BIO come from? Is it real? :plotting:

  10. I have no idea what bezzering is. I know of a few "slang" terms, but when I read other threads on this forum, my head starts to hurt. :)

    I feel like i'm back in the 4th grade, reading things over and over again trying to make sense of everything.
  11. OK, on the assumption that this is not a wah.

    Bezzering usually takes place in an alcohol fuelled stupor or when tired and emotional. For example, Friday night and you and your mate go into town for a few beers. Few hours later some septic, kraut, spic or wop tris to take the pi$$. You and your mate punch his lights out, which he deserves, and then have another beer. Said septic, kraut, spic or wop then turns up with six of his mates and and has a go at you and your mate. You pick yourself up off the floor, get to the bar, order another beer, put your arm around your mate`s shoulders, look him straight in the eye from a range of half an inch, breath beer fumes up his nose, and tell him " Your the best (pronounced "bezz" due to slurred speech) fukcing mate I`ve ever had, you know that Jimmy? the best (bezz) fukcing mate I`ve ever had in my whole life".

    Normally, this affirmation of undying loyalty is repeated as you mutually support each other back to camp at 0300 - no other words are necessary because he is indeed your best (bezz) mate. It`s called "bezzering" - and forms a lasting bond.
  12. He's a cunt pure and simple.

    Plus he's a walt.
  13. If you do a bit of digging on, Trippy, you’ll find that Muttmush was most embarrassingly “outed” as a Walt some time ago. There’s not a lot you can get past those guys and they don’t take kindly to gobby Walts like Muttmush.