Is Dogface Right After All?

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Rocketeer, Sep 7, 2006.

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    So, no information is being gathered about patrons of Disney World to be sold to other retailers or used in Uncle Walt's marketing schemes.. they just want to make sure that multi-day passes are being used by the folks what bought them and not being ' rented' or ' sold' to others who can then enjoy the amenities at a ' cut rate '..etc. etc..

    So, Walt, in the interest of protecting the thousands of kids going through the various theme parks wouldn't scan for , say, known paedophiles, in police data banks and alert authorities that a kiddie fiddler is walking about Magic Mountain enticing the younguns with overpriced cotton candy.. or, perhaps, a bank robber is spending some of his ill-gotten loot on photos with Snow White ..

    another ' liberty' eroded in America, Land of the Free, however- or so it would seem- so maybe Dogface is right, US-ers gots to carry a big mutha of a hawg strapped to their undershorts to protect their rights, since Dubya and the military-industrial secret cabal out to rule the world is chiseling away at ' freedoms' bit by unsuspecting bit...
  2. But i'll bet you have a nectar card though?....

    Are you aware of what is stored and who has access to that information? (I'm assuming you're in the UK)...I think you might be very surprised...
  3. Oh, you poor deluded Dogface, governments don't run the world..the secret conclave of elite global reaching multinationals do...they have no need for ' restrictions' on privacy, they do what they like ..

    In Iraq, for instance there are 71000 ' private security ' operatives armed with as good as or better weaponry than the US Marines and Brit SAS boys and no compunction and retrictions on use of force or rules of engagement...Haliburton and its competitors run things there in a ' shadow cabinet '.. Cheney has more say in Iraq through his shares in a corporate 'blind trust' than he does as V.P. pulling Dubya's strings...

    Corporations are amoral entitites that are only interested in one thing, profit, and, if knowing all you can about your' end user ' gives you a way to flog more chockie bars by using that info to ' appeal' to the customer, they will..nothing stops the relentless drive for ' shareholder value ' , and, if giving some of that info to ' governments' to help control the masses so they can flog just one more chockie bar per person, they'll do it, without blinking an eye..

    not condemning it or running to my local civil liberities advocate over it, just gnashing my teeth because I didn't think of it first and move myself up a few ranks in the pecking order by helping myself to the knowledge.

    suggest you see an old film " Half Moon Street " with Sigourney Weaver [ nude BTW - drool - ] and Michael Caine which explains who is running the show on Earth much better than I could...

    Fear the 5000!!...
  4. absolutely right, Dogface,

    governments have no power..

    Walmart wants a particular chunk of land for a megamall and 1000 car parking lot?.. it's right next to a waterfowl protection zone?.. see how fast the local governmentt finds a way to ' rezone' or alter the end use of that piece of land [ after duly consulting the ' people' , of course ] and, voila [ to quote the French ].. Sam's Club is up and running in no time..

    Developers want to ' improve' a farm lot by building a ' community' of cheap housing?.. hell, watch the ' public officials' bend over to kick the local pig farmer out so that they can reap the increased tax revenues homeowners [ sustainable growth or some such codswallop! ] will spill into the tax coffers as opposed to one hog caller paying a low agricultural subsidy to raise porkers..

    Governments long ago abdicated their control over public policy and we have been ruled by multi/trans national corporations who are more than happy to move jobs around and seek out more lenient jurisdictions for their enterprises..Aquisitions and Mergers.. wave of the future.. Rollerball [ the original version ] where companies rule is reality or soon will be..

    Hell, boy, you think you got a choice in what car to buy?.. Take a minute and look at who owns what company.. they all got a piece of each other.. doesn't matter what car you buy.. all the cash goes into the same pocket...If you want in I suggest you buy a piece of Ford before it gets swallowed by A Japanese/European/Asian conglomerate....

    nod and wink to the wise.. better learn the secret handshake or be left behind...
  5. In 1982, at the age of 8, my twin brother complained to Disney staff about a hot-dog bun that was stale. He was asked to accompany them to "Guest Services" to fill out some paperwork. He entered the Post Office in Main St USA and we never saw him again- although we did notice Chip & Dale, Tigger, Eeyore and Snow White enter the building through a side entrance and emerge some time later with bloodied faces and a big nylon bag which appeared to be moving of its own accord. It took my parents the better part of a decade to obtain a death certificate.

    In 1997, on a subsequent visit, I saw someone who looked remarkably like me, dressed as a Foreign Legionnaire sweeping up trash in Epcot Center. Although he claimed not to speak Enlgish, I could tell he was a broken man. Suddenly gripped by fear that the Powers-At-Be were able to match the DNA left around the top of my $4 bottle of coke, I felt compelled to commandeer one of their speed boats and steal a hang-glider from their afternoon stunt show to effect an escape. From there it was a mad dash to Sea World where I was able to claim political asylum.

    If any Arrsers have a photo from a Florida holiday between 1997 and 1999 of an emperor penguin with a tin-foil hat on his head, you now know the reason behind it.

    I returned (in disguise), accompanied by the Pathfinder Platoon from 49 PARA (dressed as the dancing mushrooms from Fantasia) in late 2000 to search for him and, if possible stage a rescue mission. Alas, he was nowhere to be found... although I was somewhat taken aback by Dopey's apparent spontaneous compulsion to leave the Electric Light Parade and bezzer me. Imagine my surprise when I returned to the hotel that night to find a note in my pocket saying that in return for facilitating the liberation of all Seven Dwarves, Pocahontas and the monkey from Aladdin, I would be provided with information pertaining to the current whereabouts of my missing brother.

    Seven Dwarves; one Indian (feather, not dot) princess; one anthropomorphic, kleptomaniacal simian; Scrooge McDuck's 3 nephews- Huey, Dewey & Louie later (plus the Candleabra from Beauty & The Beast), I have been informed that my brother is now in Disneyland Hong Kong, working as the Mad Hatter. It's going to have to be a low-key op since the head of SY is Mary Poppins- who's supposedly a cnut to out-fox, but Sneezy reckons that if we can spring C-3PO and R2-D2 from Star Tours, he knows someone who knows someone who can score me and Shifty from "The Fightin' 49th" disguises as two of the three-eyed aliens from Toy Story.

    Wish me luck, chaps.
  6. Been drinking tonight Rocket?

    I'm beginning to worry about you. Maybe you should join the throngs of Canadians headed for holiday at Disneyland South. You could use the break.

    (Stay out of Walmart! they'll take your picture, look up and smile if you do go)
  7. Finally, post in this thread that makes sense!
  8. C'mon, dogface, do I have to spell it out for you?

    governments are merely proxies for the real power elite..

    Sure it's the ' governments ' [ at whatever level ] that deny, curtail, eliminate, reduce..etc., etc., your rights and liberties..but who is telling them to do that? Not you who ' voted them in ' it? Did you tell them to make a law saying you couldn't spit on the sidewalk [ in the interests of health and not ' spreading disease - you're not diseased are you, Dogface? ]..and when you do spit, they now collect it,like CSI and ' prove' it was yours through DNA testing..

    you can get arrested if you don't give braath samples at a roadside stop,if the cop ' thinks ' you might have had too much to drink, and even if you haven't [ legally ] they can take your keys for 24 hours on a cop's say so...]..
    and, yes, it's all Walmart's and other conglomerates' fault.

    there was a guy in the US who sued a grocery store because he tripped and fell on some broken pavement outside an outlet.. The grocery chain pulled his ' buying record' from their files[ he used a loyalty card to get ' points' for goodies ] and they went to court claiming thast he was a habitual drunk as records showed he bought large quantities of beer on a regular basis and , therefore, his falling down was the result of him being of diminished capacity and not because they neglected to pave the walkway..

    oh, yes.. they know.. they know...beware Dogface, every time you buy a pack of gum at the Quickie Mart, ' they' are tracking you...that little camera [ for your protection ] has snapped another phottie of you and entered it into the databank complier building your profile of buying habits, your movements around the community..when and where.. oh, yeah..

    the next day ' targeted advertising ' floods through your mailbox, enticing you to spend..offering ' deals '... the car dealer you bought your SUV from 3 years ago,, he knows you've been sticking your face against the showroom windows after hours, he knows you're looking to ' upgrade ' the flyers in the mail, new car ads will be popping up soon..

    they're watching... I know...they're herding us all.. ' liberties and freedoms '.. Ha! they've been gone for a generation or more..and it's only the 15th anniversary of the internet, the means to track even more people more easily than ever before...
  9. Tinfoil? Oh, you'd like that wouldn't you.. me buying reams of aluminum foil depleting the non-renewable Bauxite resources lining the pockets of some multi-national envirnment raping sir.. I'm safe with my collander and '52 Caddy hubcaps I picked up at a flea market..I won't buy into the conspiracy....
  10. Why are people still showing Dogface any attention? I thought we'd all agreed that the we're all a lot happier when he's ignored?
  11. I agree, we should all ignore the annoying twat. He never has a good thing to say. I took the p1ss out of him a few times on another thread and he soon fcuked off. It was heaven!

  12. What this thread about again?
  13. What's all this about Government conspiracies and the Military/Industrial Complex ruling the world through corporate direction?

    Look, I was assured that it was all a Zionist conspiracy (Saddam said so, as did Comical Ali, so how could it not be true?) and as a resident of the Northern Neighbour to the Great Satan, I would be entitled to certain benefits, provided we weren't roasted on the walls of Baghdad. Naturally, it all involved intensive study of Kaballah with Madonna, Whoopi Goldberg and Paris Hilton, but if a balloon-head like Paris can manage it, why not me, right? Sure, I could have cut corners and gone the Scientology route, but who wants to cut corners. Besides, I just couldn't bear hearing Tom and Katie droning on about baby, Sunni, nope, uh, ah, heck, you know who I mean. So that's it then, it's us Zionist-Scientologist-Freemasons that are running things. Really.

    And Crabtastic. if you need any help getting your brother back, give me a shout. I was the first guy in the window at the Iranian Embassy.
  14. What is your message there Wotan? It went way above my head...
  15. This comment has been flagged by the Department of Redundancy Department.

    Wotan. Thanks for the offer. We're having a bit of trouble planning the egress phase. Is there any chance you can secure a boat courtesy of Pirates of the Caribbean and take care of their cannon?

    Just keep a lookout for two little green aliens muttering "Broadsword calling Danny Boy."