Is DII worth it?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Goodfella, Dec 8, 2005.

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  1. Not too sure whether this question has been asked before but is this multi-million pound project which is currently being rolled out across the MOD really worth the money? Has the project been managed properly and have they provided the type of system that is worthwhile and useful? If you've already got DII C or F then what is good or bad about it? Is MSN messenger useful on an MOD network? Is the 'online' filing system easy to use? Is security stringent enough?
  2. have less TLA's to remember
  3. The whole project seems mis-managed, chaotic and an utter waste of money. No one really knows what they're getting or when and the amount of paperwork involved in getting it is prohibitive.
  4. I cant comment really on the process involved in getting DII installed. But i have it and found i have become heavily reliant on it. When it goes down for Maintenance or it fails im lost without it.
    when i move from my current post however can i take my profile with me?
  5. In fact i posted this on my DII terminal via the IGS.... Cant be all bad!!!!! :lol: :lol:
  6. I think the answer to that is yes but the profile will have far less storage space. All your files that need to be transferred have to be titled in accordance with EWP..if not they cn't be moved. Everything you have that is a permanent copy should be put on the standard G1-9 filing system in central storage your profile wil only be for draft work and personal matters. Any ket e-mials that need saving will also have to be put on central storage.
  7. For all those who are still fighting memopads and non networked IT systems it is brilliant. The fact it also links to the net is a bonus as you can actually email the outside world!!!

    It has it teething problems but that is no supprise. The sooner everyone in defence uses the same IT system the sooner hours can be saved by not wasting time transfering material from one system to another - we have so much to learn.
  8. Yes, you can take your profile with you and you can log on to any DII terminal and use it as if it was your own. So in that respect it does work, I'm using DII(C) myself. However, the process involved and the cost are insane.
  9. Remember getting a few docs on the project from my boss, he asked me work out what it was ..... Several hours later I summed it up as.... they're connecting all their different networks into one intranet..... It still amazes me to see how people can waffle on so much
  10. not sure if u get what i am driving at. i know i can log on anywhere but when my job/appointment change can all previous work that i have saved be retrieved so it can be put to use in my next appointment. bearing in mind my email address will change as i move unit etc.
  11. Yes it can, as everything is stored on a central server not on the computer itself.
  12. Seems like a good system, only problems faced so far has been access to terminals. Every office here has been 'wired in' but terminals are very thin on the ground.
    Peaple have been sending me stuff that i need 'asap' but have had to wait anything up to a week to get it.
    other than that seem top notch!
  13. Having been involved in this project for a number of years all I can say about about DII, is that as usual the goverment is wasting an awfull lot of money. The theory behind the project is sound, in as much as everyone in the MOD is on one system and that the profile follows someone through out their career. However outsource the project? This is something that will cost the goverment dearly, no outsoucing contract they have run to date has succeded and all have cost the tax payer money. All we need to do is look back at the NHS, CSA, Works and pensions to look at the screw ups made. The whole exercise of DII is to get rid of as many Civil Service and Military techs as possible to keep the goverments promise of less civil servents. Basic maths, D grade civil servant avrage wage? £20k, same job for Atlas? £30K, same number of staff needed to run the systems are still required however just on the wage bill alone costs are already 33% higher. Then of course we have to add a profit to for the contractors. Is DII a good idea? Yes. Will it succeed? Possibly, but only after the tax payer has bourne the brunt of yet another monumental f**ked up government project, that will make Eurofighter and Bowman projects look like model projects of delivery and budget management!
  14. As always those with little or no knowledge are quick to rubbish large programmes, often because they suffer the confusion of being at the early stage of a project. DII is intended to give users a common information infrastructure and save costs because it is a managed service based on one system. From our point of view it is vital because of the JPA programme - without a PC near you personal administration from Nov 06 won't be possible. The Army currently has DII(C) in units where the DII(Army) project team gave them infrastructure and Land CSS(R) provided by Land Comd, both of which will give access to JPA and then the CASH community and UNICOM users. It is these last two groups who desparately need the DII(Future) Increment 1 installation. DII will, when fully implemented, give users access to their data from any terminal with EDRMS (electronic document record management system) and there will be different types of user account dependent upon the user access required. Yes - there are problems with the implementation but that is the same with any system or programme of this size. That is why it is being done in 3 increments to control the costs and control the scope.
  15. T34A I beg to differ over the above remark! DII is a needed programme however the method of delivery is very flawed. The three stages of delivery are a long established joke! We all know WHO has the contract to deliver the system as do the contractors. It's just a matter of the inabilty of the contractor to deliver the system everywhere at the same time at a resonable cost that calls for increments to be used. Increment one is already woefully behind schedule and over budget with the contractor blaming the MOD for not providing the staff it promised under TUPE. (Funny how next to no DCSA staff have been allowed premature release although almost all other departments have allowed those that voluteered to go.)
    From the number of previous posts you've made I will asume a raw nerve has been touched over the project and that you are probably working at the DCSA puzzle palace AKA Corsham. If you do then I suggest you come out of the closet now and again and listen to your staff, customers and estate managers.