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Is Deep Anal Penetration a Suitable 21st Birthday Present?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mr_Baiter, Apr 18, 2008.

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  3. Man up and do her dry

  1. A work colleague who is considerably younger than me is dating a gorgeous 20 year old who turns 21 later this year, he has been racking his brains for a suitable present at a reasonable cost. I contend that the answer is staring him the face. Simply lube her up (it's her birthday present after all) and then slip a cheeky one up the poop shute.

    Obviously Bill (name changed to protect the innocent) is not too sure about this ands wonders if she will go for it. I feel sure that any 21 year old fit bird would be flattered by the attention and, being young, will surely relish the opportunity to try something as grown up and clever as bum fun.

    Your thoughts please?
  2. I am not sure about a 21st present I always tried to use it more as a going away present when ending a relationships as they say its the little things that make the difference.
  3. Rubber gloves ( marigolds) covered in chip oil, stick two fingers up her hoop to loosen her up, then go for gold !!!
  4. If you guys like arse sex so much, why don't you just fcuk another bloke?
  5. Same reason you wouldn't snog another bloke?
  6. "I wonder if the missus knows that I fucking hate her. I'd like to kill her. No I wouldn't.........I'm scared off doing time..........although being "chibbed" and used as a bukkake centrepiece really turns me on. I'm hungry. Might have a crisp sarnie. Can't be bothered making it. What can I do tomorrow? Might go on an all day sesh. No I won't..............I'll wait till she goes shopping and crack one out over Still hungry. Might go for a dump. Probably be there for a while. Better take a sarnie and a brew up too. Wonder what the dog'll do if I rub some Marie Sharpe's hot sauce on his sack. Oh oh, turtle head."
  7. If he really was to Man the Fcuk Up of this issue he'd get a mate to introduce her to spit roasting! :twisted:

    Of course, if he's a billy-no-mates, I available to help out if he pays for my fuel and I'll throw in a 'high five' over her back for free... :roll:
  8. Simple no tits and hairy chin right turn off, Lady Boys OK any old port in a storm. You are only a Homo if you take it. I could go on all night.
  9. he has to make it look all natural, bit of wine and stuff, bit of poxy romance (make her feel wanted) then trya new position err doggy and before you know it he spits lube in her plug hole and in.
  10. It's the same reason 'real' blokes will watch two or more girls for it while 'real' girls won't watch a group of uphill gardeners daisey-chaining it!
  11. Too much too much forget that just be ready to shout ooohhh sorry it slipped but wait it feels nice doesn't it.
  12. kin ell mate - are you me?
  13. Might as well be, he is holding your Mrs open while seven of us jack off over her womb lining