Is David Beckham fit to be England captain?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Forces_Sweetheart, Oct 14, 2004.

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  1. No - he has proved he is not mature enough and should be sacked if he does not resign

  2. Yes - he deserves another chance...after all he did try to bring down a Welshman

  1. He's got the world at his feet and is paid untold riches to do a job he loves. If deliberately fouling another player was not stupid enough then boasting about it certainly was. As a role model to millions of children and with the responsibility to lead and inspire out national team, surely the professional behaviour of David Beckham OBE should be beyond reproach?

    Sven seems to think that Beckham's apology is enough. The FA has yet to decide.

    Have your say.....
  2. He is well known for his stupidity and lack of intelligence but this shows him in his full glory.

    He is subject to what I view as an over-enthusastic cult of followers who view him as the golden boy of football. And this has led him to be given, for no justifiable reason, an OBE.

    When will they recognise him for what he is, a thick twat with a good kicking foot :?
  3. the really funny thing is , he's actually quoted as saying
    "people think i'm thick , but guess what i did ?"

    er...... actually , tellling everyone just before the match DOES make you thick .......... thicko.
  4. Charge him with assault.

    KNOB :x
  5. He's a complete Prawn :x
  6. thick tw4t he is, must be blind also, cos his missus is a right pig :twisted: :lol:
  7. So people may just point out that he is a driven sportsman to whome winning is everything.
    To me he's just an overblown, indisiplined townie and is worshipped by such.
  8. good point well made!

    i've never really rated him as a player any way, or rather, i've always thought him over rated. just for the record, i'm not an england supporter (obviously as i'm a scot :twisted: ) but you do have a quality side at present, and i very much doubt he'll be missed on the pitch next game.

    personally i think his behaviour was shocking. the tackle was bad enough but to admit to it being intentional is downright idiotic!
  9. he is the uberchav
  10. Who cares?
  11. The man's a wnaker, and he plays a game for wnakers. Poofball? My arrse!
  12. Did he actually give a reason for the tackle other than "cos I dodn't want to play the next game"? Does anyone know why he didn't want to play?
  13. Beckham should be charged with assault, he has admitted deliberatly attacking the other man, at the very least it is bringing the game (and England) into disrepute and shows he should no longer represent England.

    Why isn't there a British FA?
  14. Clever thing was getting the yellow card. Beckham thing was spoiling it by trying to capitalise on it by telling everyone how clever he is/was.
  15. Clever thing was getting the yellow card. Beckham thing was spoiling it by trying to capitalise on it by telling everyone how clever he is/was.