Is CILOCT a con?

Do you feel you get value for money for CILOCT?

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Yes yes, I know, emptying bins, cleaning streets, etc. I'm just failing to see the benefits here. We get blokes in a bin truck once a week come and chuck a bit of rubbish about, leaving half of it in the bin if sticks to the bottom 'cos they can't be arrsed to get it out. We get a street sweeping truck which just lazily does a three point turn at the end of our cul-de-sac and f*cks off leaving it in a similar disshevelled state. Oh, and we get a couple of crazed chain smoking lunatics armed with strimmers and sit down lawnmowers who perform a section attack on our front of house. If my fence had an arrse it would be throbbing when these tw*ts tip up. In wintertime some tw*t with a leaf blower comes round and blows the leaves back into the wastelands between the houses, ready for them to simply blow around again and turn to pulpy mush in the streets.

I don't begrudge the cash if it's being spent well, but it clearly isn't. Is CILOCT paid as a standard rate throughout the army? Can a CILOCT rate be challenged, and if not, is there anything constructive that can be done about the level of service apart from rectifying the mistakes ourselves?
Ciloct is a con, it is supposed to be cheaper than the civilian sector side, yet my council tax in civ st is 51 a month in the army it is 98 a month! work that one out!!

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