Is Christmas just a big bag of Consumer Bollox?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by LordVonHarley, Dec 5, 2007.

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  1. A friend of my Dad's is a bit of a Scrouge at Christmas, he does not sent cards and gets all huffy if you send him one. He also does not give or recieve presents which has caused some atomic scale hissy fits from his girlfriends over the years - Normally starting with "I thought you were joking about not getting me a gift!" and ending with them crying there hearts out while TC seeks sactury in the pub.

    For the last five years I have been thinking about this and I have come to the conclussion that TC is a fecking genious! He still decorates his house and has a big festive meal and wishes every one a merry Christmas but does not tread on the path of the consumer Christmas.
    He must of saved him self fecking Thousands over the years. Plus not having the stress of picking the sodding gifts, facing th hoardes of mental shoppers in London or the worry you have not sent Old Tom a christamas card even though you have not spoken to him in 20 years and he might be dead.

    I'm all up for the partying side of Christmas but the pressure from the big companies to spend spend spend on gifts is just bollox, it's not like I'm even Christian for Gods sake!

    This year every one is getting ONE gift and my Crimble cards will take the form of a Picture Text (free from O2 8) )

    Christmas.... Bah Humbug! :D
  2. One gift? Too generous by far, no one getting anything from me. BAH FCUKING HUMBUG!
  3. I'll stick yours and H's Xmas card in the bin then
  4. My ex was a bit like that, she came from an enormous family and if they'd all bought each other even small presents the total cost of Christmas would have been enormous.

    They still had BIG parties/dinner etc. but presents were 'token' things. (Biros, toothbrushes, mars bars)
  5. Christmas my ass. F-cking hate this time of year.

  6. As someone who owns her own gift shop (as well as being an accountant, I was a big sinner in a past life!) I couldn't agree more!

    I buy in the traditional religous gifts along with the modern, every year I'm left with the religous gifts yet have customers fighting over who gets the last plastic tacky santa/reindeer rocking piece of tat.They all want the latest must have mass produced in China collectable resin pig. I will take 2 thirds of my annual sales target in the next few weeks, all spent on crap!

    Then there's the Carol Singers, ask them to sing a Christmas Carol and you get "we wish you a merry christmas". That's never been a Carol. This year (I've got far to much time on my hands!) I've printed off the word's to Away in a manger, We three Kings & Silent Night which will be shoved in carol singers faces if they dare to knock at my door.

    That said I did get second place in the Best Window Display for my Christmas Window - 4 weeks worth of free advertising so it's not all bad!! :D

  7. Take a tip from a non business man, DON'T BUY WHAT DOESN'T SELL!!!

    I only buy presents for the grandchildren as my own are in their late 30s and I've never bought for adults except the ex missus
  8. They sell after Christmas around february for some reason!
  9. May send you a card though! At least I'm out for Xmas and not elsewhere!!
  10. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    No need to ask me!
  11. good drills mate, I have for years refused to enter the great christmas card exchange at work, I have a card bit battered and riddled with pin holes addressed to 'all members of the shift team, merry xmas' I put it on the notice board for one shift cycle then remove it ready for next year
    'fcukin christmas baahh humbug' if JC wanted a b/day bash he would say so!!!!!
  12. So I take it you wont be puckering your lips for a kiss under the misle toe.

    I never knew so many people hated Christmas, it's given me a warm fuzzy feeling :D
  13. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    If it wasn't for the kids blah blah blah.

    Should be banned.
  14. Bah Humbug.............. doing nothing excpet going to see my old man and step mum with something to keep them warm on a cold winter night....a wee dram or two and that is it