Is choice of dog breed an indicator of gayness........?

Nice bloke by day..........raving dog hoop stretching homo by night?

What does choice of dog breed say about the owner?

A certain ex-Wedgie sent us photos of Bonnie (who he described "as making him hard as nails"), Lucy (his "top dog") and Jemma (who "has the funniest nature ever").

Suggest you get them properly dressed in some of this kit mate. It's all that'll save your reputation at this stage.

£100 to Hols4Heroes is anybody can guess (other than the owner/pervert) who owns these sorry excuses for combat dogs.

In your own time.....
Ive just noticed that pink diamonte collar on that rat on the bottom, its got nails lile Joan COllins and it looks like its either going to get booted or fcuked......... or a combination of both.

Lucy??? Jemma??? Bonnie??? They aren't dogs names, they are names of hookers he's killed and buried on Dartmour.

If the owner was a geezer he'd post pictures of them gaffer taped to a ceiling fan before blending them into a thickshake.

Its clear, that the owner of these dogs is no stranger to the scent of a man.
I think your both jealous. You should man up and get yourselves one. They are super cute and think of all the women you could pull when your out in the park walking them

There is nothing cuter and better for pulling doey eyed thick headed birds than a lab or golden retriever puppy.

Not a rat hound. They only thing he's going to pull with one of those skip rats is this

I'd rather man up and give you one than own any of these sorry bitches.

I can offer you a springer? That would be much better then me or perhaps one of the cuties owned by the medal man

I have a 3 y/o white Standard poodle. SHe's a very handsome girl, and funny. MrsFV Mk 3 doesn't gay her up, shes got a coat like a sheep. Women come over and fawn all over her. Mind, she's a 2.5 ft tall,and quiet and regal, not some yappy little cat's-meal. We look funny, me a rough looking builder in work clothes, walking a beautiful, well-trained purebred. The dichotomy of it all soaks the panties of many a posh Milf.
Absolutely Yes, I've been looking for the best way to 'come out' and you two mugs paid £100 each for the pleasure........... well you said you would, no actual proof you coughed up yet.

Yes, they are 'chick magnets' but no use to me now!

Thinking of getting a Chihuahua next, complete with handbag
so out of curiosity do you have a dog Banker? If SO what breed and name?

This one made oi larf..


Surely Standard poodles shant be minced? My dog weighs 65 lbs, FFS and never barks or snaps. She's substantial enough to keep the local ethnic rapist types from harassing Mk3, so job jobbed, I say.. Suppose you've pitbulls, do ya?
Look at those glowing, evil eyes (brrr)


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