Is celebrity chef Worrall Thompson a horrible c***?


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Oh come on, who hasn't walked out of Tesco with a bag of free shopping after getting pissed off with that fucking machine?

''Unexpected item in bagging area.''


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He's got the joy of receiving letters from the Retail Loss Prevention peeps now sending speculative invoices demanding money off him. :)

Retail Loss Prevention Ltd - Welcome
I had those cunts on my case a few years ago when my company fuel card was refused at a BP station. Ended up getting four or five phonecalls a day from the fuckers until the company paid up.

I suppose I could have just paid using my own cash but given the state of the firm I was working for, I was dubious about ever getting my expenses back.
What a grovelling fecker; he could just say, oh arse I was thinking about something else and walked straight out into the car park. Rather than apologising to the world and its wife and babbling psychodrivel.

I saw hom on the telly a couple of years ago, he was changing his mind about tiling and laughingly calling all his builders bone-idle halfwits. I saw the look on the faces of a couple of them; if the cameras hadn't been there I think he'd have ended up under the tiles himself. Typical bullying cnut, no dignity when he's the weaker party.
News just in that apparently Worrall Thompson 'is going to be receiving treatment after stealing cheese and wine'.

The throbber knicked some scoff, what fucking treatment does he need, if any? He'll be signing himself into rehab next claiming addiction to Wensleydale and a nice Merlot.
Richard Madeley in 1994 and now Worrall Thompson...

Fucking celebrities, they're all at it, when's it going to end?

Tesco should sort out their security if you ask me. Which you won't.
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