Is Cat 2 at ASOB Briefing classed as a fail?

Sorry if a topic like this has been posted already, but I have heard that a Cat 2 it is a fail, but the candidate had only just failed. I have also heard that it is a pass, but with minor pointers that could be improved for the Main Board (like fitness or maturity)...which is it?

Thanks for any helpful replies,

Cat 2, indicates that the candidate is ready to attend the main board after a specified period o time normally 6,12,18 or 24 months during which he or she is expected to rectify any faults identified by the board.

It is not a fail only a cat 4 is a fail
Ok...thanks for the info.

I sincerely hope that the Main Board do not consider it as a fail, as I achieved a 2-12!

AFAIK, the Cat 1's (Straight forward passes) are not in the majority, and Cat 2's (all time-spans) are the majority.

Anyone know if this is correct, or did I simply underperform at Pre-board?! :thumleft:
A cat 4 at briefing is not a fail, there is no fail apparently. I know a 2nd Lt who got a cat 4 at briefing and passed Main Board with flying colours about a year ago. Moral of the story is, cat 1 is all well and good but doesn't guarantee a pass at Main Board, likewise, a cat 2 or 3 etc are simply a measure by the board of how ready they think you are to take it, not how amazingly wonderful (or not) you are as a person so don't lose heart if they think you should wait 6 months, they should have given you a good reason for it.
Sorry for the essay, hope that gives you a little ray of hope.
RustH is correct:

Cat 1 is good to go straight away to Main Board
Cat 2 with x months delay recognises the right qualities but gives time for them to develop.
Cat 3 identifies substantial failings which make a pass unlikely at Main Board unless rectified.
Cat 4 - Do not pass go - Do not collect £200 - You are not invited back. The only exception would be if a unit/sponsor appeals and wins.

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