Is Casey the new Rossi?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Alsacien, Jul 10, 2007.

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  1. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    "Last season only an inexplicable fall in the final race of the season cost Rossi his title, handing it to American Nicky Hayden, but this season is an entirely different matter.

    And the reason for that is the youngest rider in the competition, Australia's Casey Stoner."

    Is Casey the new Rossi?
  2. Looking that way.

    Casey Stoner is a right arogant cnut though.
  3. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Still an amateur in that area compared to Pedrosa though- spent a day with Pedrosa when he was only 15 - already an arrogant, self-centered tw@t :x
  4. He's good I'll give him that but Rossi is a proven genius... it's a bit like asking if Hamilton is the new Schumacher
  5. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Who are they :?
  6. Moto GP Riders.

    Hope that wasn't a wah.
  7. Gays... well they do a procession every couple of weeks in bright colours!! :D
  8. Everyone has been waiting for Casey to crack, and so far he hasn't. The package of Casey, Ducati and Bridgestone have been pretty spectacular this season. But.....despite Caseys remonstrations, the Ducati's power down the straights has won him at least 2 races this season. He has stepped up to the plate, Loris's woeful performances have shown that the rider is doing the hard work. I still think that Valentino is the class of the field. Casey is NOT the new Rossi, just as Peepee wasn't last year, and Jorge Lorenzo won't be next year.

    Just as an aside, the major rumour is that John Hopkins has signed for Kawasaki for next season. I think that he might have jumped ship at the wrong time...
    Still, another option for JT.
  9. Casey has done really really well this season, and it can't all be down to the bike alone , even tho that Ducati is a VERY impressive package with so much grunt on the straights. Rossi , even tho Nicky beat him last year, is still a class of his own, he has proved his worth in 125/250/500 2 strokes then went out and won on the 900s as well, I think next year he will be kicking backside again on the 800s.

    Rossi has so much skill and adaptability and is THE all round package. Not many riders can claim to have won so much in a relatively short career, hes still under 30 isn't he??? I'm just afraid in the last few seasons that he has got the same arrogance as Foggy had, which to me personally takes away his appeal a bit. I would like to see him wild card in WSB see if he can do to WSB what Troy did in MOTO GP and come on a wildcard and win, or even more see Rossi Race the IOM TT, that would get the boats overloaded without a doubt!

    Casey is a proper little rich kid done well tho, I mean he has more teeth than his rear sproket ffs.... :lol: And it only does the sport good to see different teams and riders do well. Shame Hoppers is jumping ship to Kwak, I don't think JT is quite ready for MOTO GP yet tho, 1 more season and another title in WSB, after all TenKate Honda have been very good to that lad.

  10. Is Casy the new rossi? don't think so. is he bloody good? yes.

    Take the last round, Rossi started 11th, came all the way thro the field, cassy had a 2second lead IIRC when Rossi got to third, and Rossi, still managed to catch him, and pass, and make a gap before the end of the race.

    I've yet to see Casy brake as late as Rossi can/does. Rossi is all about him, Casy is getting there, but the Duc has some amount of power behind it aswell.

    Wonder what would happen if Rossi and Casy swapped bikes for a few laps....
  11. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    I think you have to rate Casey in relation to Loris to see how good the kid is performing.
    Loris was the hot tip for this year after a strong season last year which could have given him a championship win if not for bad luck. Loris is still the teams no1 rider and if anything has an even better bike, but he is nowhere and looks to be struggling.
    Rossi still has the masterful skill without par, but you have to ask if he has peaked and is now on the downhill slope - I suspect he may be.

    The only person who really threatened Rossi in the last years was Gibernau - but you always knew if it came to one on one Rossi would win - that situation has been reversed with Rossi/Casey. I dont think it is just about the bike, Yamaha have much deeper pockets than Ducati and have taken a design direction steered by Rossi and Burgess. I was at the first public showing of the desmosedici back in 2002 in Italy - even then they were saying the strategy was based on aerodynamics and top speed, for anyone to say they have an advantage is nonsense.
  12. Well done to Ducati tho, as relative newcomers in MotoGP , they seem to have managed to pull the bike , the tyres and the rider together in one tidy package. You say they don't have the money in development that Yamaha might have , but they have excelled themselves.

    It makes you wonder how long it will be before they try and start shouting the odds and trying to control things in MotoGP tho, the same way as the arrogant italian gits seem to think they run the show in WSB DEMANDING rule changes to engine sizes, as the 999 simply isnt as competitive as once was......
  13. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Not sure they think they run the the WSBK show, they certainly are not getting anything at the moment and are having to run last years bike.
    WSBK needs a rule update anyway, and engine size is not a very good limiter - better to consider fuel comsumption, intake size, noise, emissions or whatever to retain the street technology bias that will bring us better road bikes in a few years time.
    The new 1098 has a power and weight out of the box that I have had to spend 5k getting out of my 998 track bike - I would not want that to stop!
  14. (Going off the Casey / Rossi Subject on a Massive Tangent)

    True enough, and I understand its costing Ducati a fortune at the moment in WSB as they have to have a new engine every race where the Jap teams can run their bikes for 5 or 6 races before needing a new lump, a hell of a lot of savings.

    WSB are on very dodgy ground at the moment with Corona Suzuki talking of pulling the plug on sponsorship if they upped the engine capacity next year and taking Max (who looks like hes off anyway ) to MotoGP.

    Would WSB be better off without Ducati or Suzuki? Would it turn it into a big Japanese Manufacturer event? Lets face it , during the last big rule change shake up (the single tyres) Factory Honda just went, leaving the big 'H' void, eventually needing to be filled by a Privateer team (Tenkate, granted not your average Privateers)

    The new 1098 is a VERY impressive bike , and with twin carbon terminigonis on it sounds gorgeous (I would LOVE one of those but V-twins I'd not be able to concentrate on one :twisted: ) I saw / heard one revved up in the workshop when I picked my 2nd hand Blade up. Very nice bike much better looking than the 999 too. That said if you look at the current 'Stock out of the box' Road and Track tests in Bike/MCN the 1098 still doesn't cut it alongside the new Blade (over all road/track test winner) R1 and the nutter they call the Kawasaki Ninja Thou. I guess it would be interesting.

    The whole point of WSB used to be the bikes we could buy and ride, Productions, not prototypes, but now theyre similar to the homoglated bikes but changed so much with electronics, slipper clutches, traction control. I think they need a step back in technology a bit , bring them a touch closer to the Superstock/ Supersport rules. Still have slicks, upgraded brakes and other trick nice to have souped up engines, buts lets make them more like the bikes we can ride, and put more of the skill back in the rider than the user friendly ability of the bike, like back in Foggys glory days. Its great to watch , safer for the riders but don't you think the edge has gone off it a bit ? I mean when was the last time you saw a real highside? All low sides now (Ok Troy lost a finger in his last spill but you know what I mean)

  15. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    I think the prognosis is good for WSBK at the moment, with rumblings of MV and even BMW joining the fray gaining some substance.

    I would not pay too much attention to anything you read in Bike or MCN, one thing that is not covered is the tuning potential and ease of doing so....on a track like Assen with open pipes and a race ECU I would bet on a 1098 over the blade with the same.

    I disagree with the technology going backwards - radial brakes, slipper clutches etc are the future (present in fact). Making bikes less safe and harder to ride is a daft idea......and you obviously have never high-sided on a track....