Is Cameron Killing His Career In Slices?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by maninblack, Jul 22, 2013.

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  1. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    I don't know what is going off with David Cameron?

    He seems to be repeatedly nailing his colours to the masts of causes which are contentious enough to tear rents in the cohesion of the Conservative Party yet rarely dares to contradict the Lib Dems.

    His latest one is repeatedly banging on about draconian censorship under the veneer of "protecting children"

    Prior to that he had a hard on for gay marriage, a subject most of the country don't seem to be bothered about but members of the right wing in the Tory party were dead set againt.

    He has committed the nation to a change in the law governing ascent to the throne so that girls have equal rights in Royal inheritence yet only two of the sixteen nations where the monarch is head of state have agreed therefore meaning that under current legislation we could end up with two contesting monarchs within the commonwealth.

    Who the hell is advising this stuff as worthy causes? Is there anyone at the helm who knows what they are doing?
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  2. It's what passes for clever politics.

    Cameron - because he has called for creating a situation where many Arrse members will need to tick the 'opt in' box from their ISP [if the NAAFI bar here is anything to go by...], he cannot be accused of not taking the issue seriously when the plan runs into difficulties and has to be shelved.

    Also, the idea that Ed is going to stand up and suggest that the PM has taken leave of his senses and that a whole array of people the Daily Mail hates should be given unfettered access to the sort of site he's talking about is a non-starter - he'd be slaughtered ('Miliband supports Paedos' Rights to have Sick Porn' type headlines would follow. Not a vote winner...).

    This will probably run into difficulties, and some Lib Dem will be stupid enough to stick his/her head above the parapet on the grounds of freedoms, etc, etc, and get the hatred of the Mail and the Sun for being an obstacle to it. And the Lib Dems will be blamed for blocking the plan, and...

    Likewise, changing the succession rules. Separate from the debate as to whether it is a good thing or not, if the plan is blocked by the Commonwealth, who gets the blame? Cameron? Will feminists write to the Guardian blaming him? Or will it be multiple column inches complaining about the mysogyny of the Commonwealth leader(s) who block(s) the plan in contrast to our forward-thinking, progressive PM?

    It's about resetting and recalibrating the views of some people in the press. Whether this is a good idea - as opposed to actually getting on and doing the job and inviting the tabloids (politely) to foxtrot oscar every now and again - is another matter, but it's something that the parties have been doing for some time, sadly.

    Not an exact analogy, but think of Jim Hacker and the Yes, Prime Minister episode where he talks about banning smoking completely - depriving the Treasury of £4bn in taxes - on the presumption the ban will never happen because of an array of obstacles in the way, while the Treasury will give him the electorally popular £200m [IIRC] tax cut he wants to stop him from promoting the idea...
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  3. Your title question is based upon a suposition that we all know, or have an inkling, of what David Cameron's propsed career path is!

    Sadly most of you will have overlooked the talent so clearly evident in this circus great who will almost certainly eclipse the great carletto (Charlie Caroli)....

    [​IMG] Britain's greatest ever clown!
  4. I think Dave's just laying a suppressing fire of BS down as yet another sleazy lobbying scandal tries to break cover.
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  5. It's identical to his proposal on alcohol pricing and his weaseling over implementing Leveson

    Lots of noise about what a jolly caring chappy he is and it will all either die quietly or he'll negotiate a watered down voluntary agreement and brand it a moral victory.

    Meanwhile everyone gets flustered about censorship and forgets Lynton Crosby
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  6. I assume kiddies will now be fully protected from the viciousness of Mumsnet.
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  7. Actually, some of the discussions of the sexual proclivities of mumsnet denizens would get that site block as a porn site.
    Oh how I'd larf when Mumsnet gets blocked by CMD's latest crusade and they turn on him.
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  8. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    Senior politicians (and especially ministers) live in a very closeted environment. Their duties keep them within the Westminster bubble of unreality where minor issues get magnified into major ones. They are closely supervised by security, who prevent then talking to real people (other than for a photo opportunity). They are also surrounded by advisers who constantly seek more influence by telling their masters what they want to hear. And they suffer a constant barrage of noise from lobbyists who have their own agenda to push.

    Because of the above reasons, the majority of politicians lose touch with reality sooner or later - Call me Dave seems to have done it quicker than most.

    The process has also been accelerated by Call Me Dave not having any strong convictions himself - thus adopting policies that are 'flavour of the moment' in the hopes of gaining electoral advantage.

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  9. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Illegal pornography; if he makes it more illegal how exactly is that going to help?

    "People who break the law will be asked nicely not to", sounds like a more effective policy, especially when coupled with a, "repeat offenders will have their bottoms spanked".
  10. He has a career?! I'm shocked and stunned to hear such an allegation.
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  11. I think he's lost it, stress maybe? Or he is being controlled by aliens?

    The interweb pron thing ... The old "Oh if you have nothing to hide!" thing. Well there may be nothing bad going on in our living rooms but we still like to draw the curtains.
  12. Ask his Missus, she seems to be behind the majority of his policy decisions!
  13. Great thing about all this Naggy State stuff is from a PR point of view it never has to actually do anything just rattle the nation's moral cage whilst Team Dave gets on with interest peddling as usual.

    Now we have the latest red herring, I'm calling it: The Prig Society.
  14. Surely rather than ban, perhaps you know the parents could maybe take some responsibility and try to put blockers in place / stop little jimmy surfing alone / talk to him about his 'special urges' when he becomes a teenager etc.

    Acting as if porn is the sole cause of our national decay, and then putting the onus on the govt to stop it and not expecting parents to try out this whole 'parenting' malarkey isn't going to help. Since the dawn of time people have wanted to look at pictures of people with no clothes on - we've done okay as a civilisation thus far...
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