Is Camelot getting greedy?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AIR FILTER, Jan 17, 2013.

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  1. I have just switched to playing the Irish lottery after Camelot announced it's 100% price hike in game prices, much better odds on the Irish game too.

    I think Camelot are trying to take full advantage of the austerity situation in this country as they know that more and more people than ever now need cash.

    It for those very reasons Camelot ....... your fired! :) Now you get nothing from me anymore.

    I can see a huge serge in switch over to the Irish lottery as a result of this too.
  2. From their site "The Saturday 19th January estimated Jackpot is 8 Million Euro."

    Hardly worth the bother is it?
  3. When the odds at 49,000,000 to 1 against. No. I can get away with wasting a quid occasionally but I'm not going to double the waste.

    I had to laugh last weekend. There were 8 winners receiving £276,000 each. A tidy sum no doubt but I would have loved to have seen their faces when they found out. In any other week they would have won a couple of million at least when the 6 numbers came up.
  4. I'll still play the lottery but it'll be a choice between dropping out of the syndicate I'm in at work or not playing it on my own anymore. At the moment I do both, but won't be when the ticket price doubles.
  5. Don't see the problem myself.

    The main jackpot which most of us don't have a hope in hell of winning will go up by a small amount.
    The second and third prizes, which again most of us don't have a hope in hell of winning, will go down a bit.

    The lower prizes, which all of us have a pretty good chance of getting our hands on, will go up quite a lot.
    More than double with the lowest prize, which I get a hell of a lot more often than I get the 5 plus the bonus ball!

    I'll be quite happy with a big jump in the prize I've got a good chance of winning, and don't really care about a prize that I'll never see.

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  6. Won with 3 balls 4 weeks on the trot with two £10's in one draw.

    Sounds like a bonus.
  7. What do you mean, 'getting' greedy.
  8. Today you gamble £1 and might win £10 for 3 balls. Under the new rules you will gamble £2 and might win £25. I can't see a massive benefit from the increased layout nad either £10 or £25 are hardly life changing. But I can see that the £104 I have wasted with no wins in 12 months would have been £208 wasted.
  9. A bit harsh perhaps?
    (From their site)
    Where the money goes

    Camelot runs the most cost-efficient lottery in Europe, with around 4% of total revenue spent on operating costs. In the period up to March 2013, around 28% of total National Lottery revenue is expected to go to the Good Causes. Over the course of the third licence, over 50% of total National Lottery revenue is expected to be paid to winners in prizes, while 12% of total revenue is expected to be paid to the Government in Lottery Duty.

    National Lottery retailers will earn 5% in sales commission for each draw-based game – and 6% commission on each National Lottery Scratchcard (Camelot’s retailers earn on average £8,531 per annum in lottery commission).
  10. Takings will drop, Camelot will switch back.

    The lottery is a tax on those who don't understand statistics.
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  11. Have shares perhaps :)
  12. Played it once a week since day one zero wins the only time I had all the numbers was when I was a way and the frua decided to change my numbers very kind of her NOT,I will never forgive her.
  13. I believe you 100%.
  14. The same thing happed to me and everybody I know.
  15. Me too, and I don't even play the lottery!