Is Brown using Bush Tactics?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by The_Rattler, Nov 30, 2007.

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  1. In the USA when there was a bit of bad news or the government was taking a fair bit of flak for screwing up etc, they would jump on a soap box to scare the public with some terrorist talk.

    Has Browns Government now sunk to this new level to hopefully distract himself and cabinet from the anger and criticism of the public?
  2. do you mean on the news this morning where the govt has warned us that there may be a terrorist dirty bomb over the christmas period?
  3. You mean... they're relying on public fears to brazen their way out of a situation?

    Not at all like a certain 45-minute claim then... :wink:
  4. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

  5. Gordon will be on the Sat Phone to Afghanistan:

    "Osama - wonder if you could do me a small favour..." :twisted:
  6. There will be be smoke, mirrors and all manner of distraction tactics of course but it is getting really bad for Brooon and he knows it would all be to little good effect. For example the devine Jacked Spliff yesterday tried to big up another pointless gun crime "initiative" whilst making a "big" speech. She might as well have cut the ribbon at a public bog.

    Thus any distraction has to be on an earth shaking scale. But you can only do that once or twice absent a real event.

    So what do these men and women of honour (and one of them obsessed with "courage") do when their party is being chased down by a pack of slavering wolves? Easy: consider shooting somebody in the leg in the expectation that the pack will spend long enough chomping on them to allow the rest to get a good way off. And so:

    Labour at war over party donations

    The Labour fund-raising scandal has escalated into open warfare between Gordon Brown and his party deputy Harriet Harman after she blamed the Prime Minister's inner circle for her decision to accept an illegal donation.

    As the police prepared to launch a full-scale criminal inquiry into the affair, Miss Harman's aides named Chris Leslie - the co-ordinator of Mr Brown's leadership campaign - as the man who recommended she seek a donation from one of the secret intermediaries used by David Abrahams.

    That prompted Mr Leslie to retaliate with a statement contradicting the version of events given by Miss Harman's team in which he insisted he had no idea that Janet Kidd, a secretary, was being used as an illicit conduit by Mr Abrahams.

    The developments opened a significant rift at the very top of the party, with Miss Harman fighting for her political survival.;jsessionid=32ZTFHHJKODO1QFIQMGSFFOAVCBQWIV0?xml=/news/2007/11/30/nbrown130.xml

    What a shower they are.
  7. Bush had tactics???
  8. Looks like the old dived and conqucor tactiks are working a treat. Infighting and back biteing, I love it.
  9. I do understand there is a threat in one form or another lurking somewhere, however its just a wee bit uncanny how the government is currently under so much pressure due to various fukc ups that they now decide to issue this "we are at risking warning again"

    maybe its actually them they are warning us against ??
  10. Of course he does, how else do you think his battles are directed?
  11. Bush tactics? you mean a cnut has tactics? mean PRES Bush? and incompetence then...

    Yup, I'd say thats the policy that Broon has followed...
  12. Bush Tactics? Like recruiting Surrendered Enemy Personnel, sending out lone scouts to report on enemy movements, declaring UDI, that sort of thing?
  13. Link. :?

    Anyway, Broon's more likely to send THEM into Sudan; kill a few Fuzzy-Wuzzies, rescue the British citizen(shame she's a dog, but you can't have everything)back home in time for tea and medals.

    Journo's have mass orgasm while writing WHO DARES WINS!!! and GOT HER! headlines and the present cash crisis gets a Vicky Hamilton treatment; buried in an unmarked grave and forgotten about...

    Cynical? Moi? :evil:
  14. sorry no link, just on various news channels (skynews and bbc etc)

    i am fairly confident it will be on or in the tabloids tomorrow
  15. Sky were leading it as there top item certainly on the web first thing this am.

    Sky Dirty Bomb Article

    And yes it was a childish attempt to divert attention away from 'present difficulties'.