Is Brown on the verge of a mental collapse

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Contrarian, Jan 29, 2009.

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  1. There are rumours circulating both in the Westminster village and on Guido's blog that our Great Leader is on the verge of a psychological breakdown. Indeed, a rumour went around stating that after Brown's press briefing on Monday he swamped himself. :lol: Actually, it's not funny really, since he is the man in charge of saving the world. :x

    WTF is going on, and if the rumours are true then a motion of no confidence should be proposed immediately. That monkey is turning us into a banana republic.
  2. One can only hope. Stand by Mr Christian.
  3. Any chance of a cutn'paste? the great firewall of China seems to be tightening up on the more informative UK sites
  4. It's true then the chimps are running the zoo
  5. I'm bloody busy too. But not making money. I'm having a clear out in time for the gas engineers to come and replace and relocate a new boiler (floorboards up, etc/no hot water or central heating for a week) and trying to help a student nurse improve her final essay which needs to be submitted tomorrow (WTF do I know about nursing?). I envy you you profit taking barsteward.
  6. Cut and paste as requested:

  7. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Wasn't this pre-warned before the Great leader left and became a Saint? Was it not Campbell or some other slime who said that Brown was 'unstable'?
    Anyway, how can you tell, with all the lunatics in the cabinet and government already?
  8. I thought GB literally wrote the book on courage!

    I've said it before, it's like the old saying, "If you have to tell someone you have class, you don't!"
  9. Perhaps he has realised that he is to blame for our economic difficulties. He pissed away our assets while the going was good (when others would save) and now he has noone to blame but himself. I for one have little sympathy as he has shown little regard for others throughout his time in government.
  10. (My Bold) I believe that in theory The Queen has the right to sack the Govt should they not be acting in the best interests of the country. We must only be weeks away from wise heads approaching her Majesty and asking her to do the decent thing and put Broon out of his (and our) misery.
  11. The real questions are can we get rid of the raving lunatic somehow and can we find a politician that will undo all the harm he and Blair have done to the country?
    I'm not so sure the mess that the two of them have made can be put right
  12. I would like to see a Military Govt :D I cannot support any of the current parties at the moment.

    We need leaders who are not tainted by career politics and Westminster rhetoric.

    A military Govt....mmmm....what would you do if made "war lord" of your area?
  13. Swamping himself? He's not mental - he's just trying to get into the good books of all you squaddies isn't he?

    Next thing you know, he'll have the rest of the Cabinet in the Commons bar, naked and playing freckles.
  14. I seem to remember (from dodgy) Politics A level that I took that "The Privy Council" or a member of said council can approach The Queen and "suggest" that Parliament be dissolved. I'm not even sure that there has to be a General Election I think that the Privy Council can govern - probably find that Broon is on this council too :D
  15. Well this morning I swamped myself, had a good dump and then got out of bed. I reckon those are pretty good ministerial credentials?