Is Brian Moore the worst commentator on TV?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Auld-Yin, Feb 14, 2010.

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  1. No - he is totally professional

  2. Yes - he should be dropped by the BBC

  1. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Do you think that Brian Moore is the most biased commentator on TV?

    National bias to one side this tw@t can only talk about one team on the pitch. It does not matter who England are playing he can only speak about England and will constantly try to find excuses for poor play from any English player.

    He never gives any respect to any team playing England. Considering he is commenting on the British Broadcasting Corporation he makes it sound like there is only one team playing.
  2. To be honest I find that he never has anything good to say about England, the only other commentator who is as offensive is Johnathon Davies, who ISTR even managed to declare a piece of Welsh play particularly good, when the opposition had just scored.

    Sack them both I say.

    Never thought I would say it but the Sky team are far better in nearly all respects, well informed unpartisan comment.
  3. I like watching Brian Moore on "The Big Match Re - visited ".
  4. Funny I always get the idea that he bashes England no matter what is going on on the pitch, probably spoilt by the Great Bill Maclaren
  5. I like watching Brian Moore on my recording of Murrayfield 1990 .. :D

    As for his commentaries, I turn the sound down and use the radio instead. 'Nuff said.
  6. I think he is hillarious.
  7. At least he's better than that idiot Butler with his tiresome and pretentious habit of pronouncing the names of the
    French players' names in a dodgy French accent.

    Pick a language Butler, and stick to it. You can be sure the French commentators are not trying to sound like cockneys when they start talking about Wilkinson and Armitage - so pack it in.
  8. I watch RTE, although that does mean I have to put up with George Hook.

    TBH I can live with only hearing about England when they're playing... It's when they're not and the commentary speculates about what the run of play means for England that I get pissed off.
  9. Perhaps they should get him to do a commentary on this plonker?
  10. Poacher turned gamekeeper. He pushed the limits and bragged about it for years. Biased one sided bigot and still doing it for big bucks, Hair lipped oppininated mong and has got a book out. Surprise...abused as a kid. His abuser wants locking up for shagging the ugliest kid in the dorm.
  11. Biased dwarf who has all of the professionalism of those who try to hide behind prior glories.

    He admitted on a radio four programme recently that he published his memoirs with accusations of abuse against a (now dead, conveniently) sports teacher because he wanted to increase the value he had on the after-dinner speaking circuit.

    Utter, utter, utter twunt.
  12. I'd have Brian Moore any day over Eddie Butler. At least Brian knows what the games is about. EB just talks drivel.
  13. Biased? Possibly, right up there with Davies, the mong.

    Worst? No. Fatty Barnes takes that one by a country mile.

    I met Brian's missus in the paddock at Indianapolis and she was straight into me with the "you don't like my husband". I told her that I loved him as a player and disliked him as a commentator, and as I'd said that I didn't like his commentary on the internet, I wouldn't say any different to her face. She respected that and we got on fine after that. :)
  14. Yeh, well did you?
  15. I agree I think Moore has forgotton hls past. Would he get into today's setup it think not. He seems to have a vendetta out for Johnny Wilkinson.