Is Brew_Time an O2 Thief?

Is Brew_Time deserving of an O2 Thief tag?

  • No - He is a fine patriot and upstanding fellow

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As the thread title says troops - is he?

If people have read my responses to it in the past you will all know I think he is a Mlaaring mouthbreather.

Am I wrong?

Over to the great Arrse public to decide.



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Sometimes misinformed, sometimes deliberately inflammatory.

He doesn't (currently) get me to bite, but clearly he is getting up your nose. I think we are at the escalation stage where a gypsy's is being placed upon him rather than jumping in with both feet straight into O2 thief status. But, only if sufficient people feel that B_T is winding them up.

On a more general point, I am becoming increasingly concerned that the witch hunt for walts, trolls, O2 thieves, et al is clouding the real reason for this site. The hunt and subsequent effective strike against Mr Mennie was a good example of doing the right thing. Only a few hours later, already on the same thread there was more calling for another witch hunt before any investigative work had been done.

We have built a reputation as a group that has successfully made Hansard and influenced political thought, we have been mentioned and often quoted in the press. We are well known across the internet and in the world military community.

BUT - we can so easily lose this reputation and undermine all the good work for the causes we have supported by being over zealous to 'out' people.

My two pence now expended.
He's an annoying cunny of the type who doesn't let lack of knowledge or higher brain function prevent him from having an opinion and loudly voicing it, but he's not an oxygen thief. He has, however, been sailing perilously close to thievery in recent posts. A gypsies warning should be all at this stage. Don't forget, the people you serve with are your mates, whether or not you actually like them. You do have to stand up for (and ocasionally to) them for the greater good.

Incidentally, I don't think blanket rubbishing of the Ds&Ds is called for just because of this one is acting like a tw@.


I'd say yes. Although a gypsies should be given first. It would'nt be so bad if he could back up some of his recent posts with facts instead of smiley faces.
Must agree, he is pissing me off, but not a O2 Tag yet, and the D&Ds werent a bad mob at all, infact enjoyed working with them, however BT seems to have been one who escaped their periodic culls.
scarletto said:
Must agree, he is pissing me off, but not a O2 Tag yet, and the D&Ds werent a bad mob at all, infact enjoyed working with them, however BT seems to have been one who escaped their periodic culls.
Tend to agree with you Scarletto ... I suspect that BT quite enjoys the attention even though he doesn't understand the drill position!! :) ) .. A gypsies? Yessssss! Tagged? Not yet!
As much as he periodically pees me off, I don't think he's deserving of an O2 tag. A good shoeing maybe but not a tag. Besides I suspect he might see it as a badge of honour.
Although I fourthed(?) somebody else's proposed labelling of him as an O2 Thief on another thread, I would tend to agree that a mild warning (hopefully this thread is enough of one) is sufficient at this stage. Yes he is annoying and abusive, however I believe he should be given a chance.

By the way, completely agree that rubbishing the entire D & Ds because of one individual's comments is wrong as well.
Has anyone noticed that BT's comments have been very recent, and a departure from his usual posting style etc?

It might be an idea for the Mods to check the IP addresses that have used his account, as I suspect that it may not be him.

I hope I'm right, if not, he's been a right cunt recently.
Unfortunately, if the COs tagged every tedious, haranguing, one-note poster as an 02T, I'm afraid the membership would be a lot thinner. And the Current Affairs forum wouldn't be nearly as much fun. :D

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