Is 'Books of Zimbabwe' still trading?

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by Mark The Convict, Oct 1, 2011.

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  1. I ask because I'm still waiting on 'Shadows in the Sand' which I ordered on the 15th, and no reply to emails. I know of one other who's been waiting 2 months. Anyone know anything, or should I try contacting their UK address?
  2. That's a no, I take it? The admins at New Rhodesia Forum can't contact them, and no sign of their Facebook page either so it doesn't look good.
  3. Subsunk

    Subsunk War Hero Book Reviewer

    Are they the guys who did all the reprints of the Rh SAS/Selous Scouts type-stuff? If they
    have folded that would be a right kick in the pods. I'll email my slightly weird uncle in SA
    (Last birthday present off him was an apartheid-era SA Navy ensign that honked of mothballs) and get the dope. Wait out.
  4. nearly bought a book from here then near the check out phase told me it was a dodgy site :(
  5. Amazon sell it for fifteen quid, beats buying anything from uncle bob.
  6. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    Might be worth a look on the Companies House website to set if they're trading as a limited company. The pertinent link is:

    Companies House

    Go to the web check service and you can search for company names. There is no Books of Zimbabwe registered, but there is a Books of Africa. You should be able to get the registered address off the Companies House website - that'll help you to do some further cross checking.

    The other possibility is that they're not trading as a limited company. They could be a 'sole trader' - essentially a one man band for tax purposes. Or they could be working as a 'partnership' - two or more people who have banded together to trade. Sole traders and partnerships leave fewer traces in the publicly available records.

  7. Result!

    It has (apparently) just been posted from their UK address, Christ knows why.
  8. Mate, if you haven't already, check out Huge inventory and there is no Aust gov tariff so books are about 40% cheaper than Oz. They post here for free as well. And no, I'm not spamming.
  9. You're not? Curses! *grits teeth* I've ordered from them a couple of times, a good source indeed. Thanks.