Is Bond a walt?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ReadySalted, Dec 14, 2007.

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  1. Just watching Tommorow Never Dies, and saw bond was wearing some kind of British Navy No2 Dress. On the right shoulder he had Black and Gold coloured SAS wings.
    Now obviously 007 is fiction and therefore anything is possible, However, is it possible for a Britsh Naval Commander to have served in the SAS and if not, Bond has infact been WaltHunted!
  2. Halo, and just before he jumps he goes on air ?
  3. well the modern biography of JB has him serving in the SBS, then 030 SFU, then becoming a 00 agent, but that is pre-TND, the original biography has him serving in 30AU/30 commando which was also a real unit in WWII
  4. You notice that, what about firing a back blast anti tank weapon indoors and the warhead passing through a car without the firer or Bondygetting fried.
    It's a blast
  5. Yeah, and they were chatting away (complete with Hawaian shirts) as Bond got briefed at that high altitude, yet he needed gas in order to survive the free fall and the arrse end of the plane was wide open but no-one else needed any kind of respirator. Fcuking pin point drop on to the wreck too. As if.
    And when they did an emergency ascent from the dive they didn't end up bent either, strange that... Especially considering the altitude implications of his Halo.
    Great legs (and the rest) on that blonde who translated for 'Carver' though...

    Edit: Found her - Daphne Deckers - Possibly NSFW gents.
  6. Actually he joined the RNR DIS branch first - so technically he belongs to the RNR and not the RN :)
  7. I think Bond is only a partial walt.

    Naval officers who are qualified military parachutists wear their qualification badge on the right shoulder as demonstrated by the professional uniform model in the photo below.


    Some naval officers, particularly doctors, who pass the All Arms Commando Course and get posted to the marines can go on to do parachuting courses so this badge is not unique to Vice Admiral/Lieutennant General/Air Marshal HRH Prince Charles RN RAF.

    In addition there is a Submarine Parachute Assistance Group. These are, bizzarely enough, parachute trained submariners who can parachute into the sea to assist crewmen bailing out of stricken submarines. I believe they have a special badge so officers may wear it on their left cuff, like the wings worn by FAA pilots (I think Bond wore those too - he's been a busy boy during his 60 year RN career).

    Bond's SAS wings suggest he served in special forces. I can't imagine that this would be feasible for naval officers, even those who passed AACC as they would have virtually no infantry skills. Although I believe selection is open to all, I don't know of any RN officer or rating who served in SAS or SBS.

    Having said that, I was hardly kept in the loop about such things so I stand ready to be corrected.
  8. I have a friend,who was a former Navy pilot.He then went to the FOU,as it was called in those days,in Poole.Having done both the AACC and OP Coy,as required in those days,he then spent 2 years communicating with Their Lords of The Admiralty,about where to wear his parachute wings.I don't know if the problem was solved,before he was posted again?
  9. AFAIK there have never been black and gold SAS wings. Unlike paras etc; the Supers wear the same wings on all kit.
  10. I think some people are missing the point.HE IS BOND!He has drunk more martini's,slotted more baddies,and shagged more chicks than the than the lot of us combined.Oh and he was saving the world from international terrorism before the postman kicked Mrs bin laden's back doors in.He IS the war on terror so give him a break.

    What i want to know is,does Bond bag up?
  11. Bond's hectic lifestyle often requires him to carry out more than one activity simultaneously.

    Here we see him utilising the 'dead time' spent freefalling on a parachute training exercise by shagging a Countess who was on the same course.

  12. I know of a couple of RN Personnel who served as fully badged members of SBS quite recently. Not sure whether they're still there though.

    Getting back to Bond though-I remember FHM (I think) did an analysis of his lifestyle a few years back and came to the conclusion that he was a raging alcoholic psycho with communicative issues who was riddled with STI's....

    So, he was keeping to the finest traditions of the Senior Service then! :D
  13. It's a little known fact that Ian Fleming served on HMS Repulse between the wars and his dad was a WW1 war hero too (DSO).
    Fleming is on our crew list for the ship in the website linked below:
  14. In some of the novels he goes down to ssssshhhhhh you know where for a good beasting before a mission.