Is Bliar real Chav scum or is he just after the "CHAV" vote?

  • He's scum all right!

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  • Why appeal to Chavs, they only vote for Jungle catz?

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Bliar has been seen swanning round Italy in a Burberry trimmed polo shirt. All that was missing was the 1ct gold necklace and a tattoo. I'm sure someone from special branch was watching over his MaxPower'ed Corsa out of camera shot. 8)

And what was his wife wearing?!?!?!?!?!? :?:
He's scum. He's vermin. He's another f***ing champagne socialist pig with his snout at the trough. I'm alright Jack. All pigs are equal, just that the labour MP Pigs and their cronies are considerably more equal than evryone else. Shame that bomb wasn't planted a bit closer - send him to hell where he belongs. F***ing c***.
He is annoying, brash and tasteless with an ugly, overexposed and unpleasant other half! He has no respect for the views or traditions of others, merely his own interpretation of society!

Of course he is!
Chav - most definately!

A complete and utter turd of the highest order. The lizard is intent on laying to rest what little National Identity we have left, and his cronies are helping to breed resentment. MUPPET!

Let´s face it - the man would wear a gorilla suit if he thought there was a simian vote.

Scum rises to the top... unfortunately. But it can be skimmed off - as ARRSErs far greater than I have pointed out, Regime Change Begins At Home!
personally i think he is a desparate sort to shag the letter boxed mouth slapper cherrie, personally i prefer port, but that jest shows the grinning twonk for what he is. we are all equal, but some are more equal than others.
vote him out, and super prescott(i only rescue in the summer) and the rest and hang them high..
only if we can get away with it and blame it on the big boys down the strasse :evil:
Now Now Gents, look at the fantasic job he has done with our schools!

no wait they are pretty screwed.

what about the NHS, a fine upstanding institution full of happy, loyal workers............

no thats F**ked too.

But all our traditional establishments in the military, morale has never been higher!.

Na F**k it, you're right. He's a cnut 8)
surely not scum................... eard one time that scum was usefull something bliar isnt. bit like piles, or the clap.
anyway hes a long haired twta and his wife is a dog, def not pedigree, more mongrol, or even troll :twisted: :twisted:
I blame blairs mother, she should have had an abortion.


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If we call The Glorious Leader "Chavscum," aren't we being a bit harsh on the Chavs ?
the mail on sunday took this topic and ran with it yesterday, but no mention of yourself or arrse.
You can't call Our Glorious Leader a pudenda (that's posh for cnut) because he has neither the depth nor warmth to satisfy.
'.....self seeking, chimp grinning, sound biting, hypocritical, tradition hating, envious, pseudo-socialist, slimy, sleazy, two-faced jumped-up-never-come-down apology for a Prime Minister....'
Fack it! I was sure I had 'cnut' in there somewhere....

(Thinks: My Norton Anti-Virus thingy just told me that there was an attempted intrusion whilst I was writing this... Isn't paranoia a wonderful thing! Makes you wonder whose sensibilities you've been twitching... Who knows?)
Just found out that Bliar ran away from school while at Fettes as he found it all a bit to much. How many other democracies have leaders with the balls of a gnat. As for the wide mouthed frog she wouldnt get a f**k if the vikings invaded.

Come the revolution, up against the wall, etc ,etc.

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
Did Bliar really run away from school? I thought he made that one up, along with the stowaway to Jamacia and watching Jackie Milburn lies.

The man is a fantasist, unfortunately he is playing with other peoples' lives.
Ref his running away from school, you wont believe the source, but here it is anyway. Whilst talking to an arab in the ME, he was well educated, I noticed that he had a slight jock accent. He informed me that he had been educated in Edinburgh at Fettes, Ah says I, the same school as El Presidente Bliar. It was then that I was informed about the mincer Bliars bottle going and him running off. Apparently he is the school joke.

:p :p :p :p

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