Is Bliar a Psychopath?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bat_Crab, Jun 22, 2007.

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  1. According to BBC News, he might be. The following are characteristics of psychopaths:

    They are manipulative
    They lack specific goals
    They have superficial relations with people
    They are impulsive
    They are irresponsible
    They crave power and prestige
    They lack empathy
    They lack remorse
    They lie easily
    They have predatory instincts
    They are cool under pressure
    They seek excitement and thrills
    They take credit for the work of others
    They fly into rages

    Surely more than half of those apply to our Dear Leader... Time for the men in white suits to pay him a visit?
  2. Everyone seems to be attacking Bliar at the moment but i have no faith in that i beleive that any prime minister (Labour or Conservative) would have done anything different to what he has done over his time.
  3. Are we talking Cherie Blair who at the minute is representing a Strip Club in an appeal to withdraw the non-smoking ban! NO sh1t!

    I cant find a link but I know its a rumour! A BIG ONE!
  4. I can't help thinking that from that list you could easily have used the title "Is Bliar a squaddie/SNCO/officer?"

    In fact half of them could easily apply to most women as well.
  5. I think you'll find that the criticism has been piling on for some considerable time down here. Trogging about the country as I do, I find remarkably few people who are able to say anything positive about the man.

    You're quite right that Labour learned some very important lessons in their years out of power. There are lots of basic national management issues that would be addressed in the same way by any government, and as globalisation increases the proportion of those issues will increase. It is the strong moves away from democracy and towards government through the media, the lack of moral fibre shown by his cronies and his artificial public façade that grips the sh*t of most people. The list could go on but most of it has been done to death on this site.
  6. Err nah, all of those personality atributes fit me too and I'm perfectly normal
  7. half apply to his tonynesss? sh1t, feck half, i'm tryna find ONE that DOESN'T fit me!
  8. A psychopath? Naw... he's just an atypical jackass politician who started to believe his own rhetoric.
  9. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I don't know about psychopath, because they generally kill their own victims, but he's certainly a c0ck, and a fool, and a sociopath.
  10. GOT IT.

    Cherie Blair challenging the Smoking ban!


    Madamme Cherie!
  11. Feckin' A.

    Sorry, I may have misheard you, there...
  12. a fool ?hardly, a sociopath? look it up, what he is a very able, clever political animal ,you may despise the guy but you cannot deny his political skills.
  13. He is lower in all respects than the smallest reptile. He is also more thick-skinned than any pachyderm known. Watch the slippery barsteward fix himself a top job - stuff the UK. Sorry, he has done that already.
  14. Certainly a sociopath.

    A sociopath is someone who does or is characterized by 3 or more of the following:

    - fails to conform to social norms, such as repeatedly performing acts that warrant an arrest.

    - deceitfulness, such as repeated lying, conning others for a good reason or not, and/or using aliases.

    - failure to plan ahead, or impulsivity.

    - aggressiveness or irritability.

    - disregard for safety of oneself and others.

    - consistent irresponsibility, such as inability to honour obligations.

    - lack of remorse, such as being indifferent to or rationalizing having hurt, mistreated, or stolen from another.

    By a more common definition, a sociopath is a manipulative individual who cannot and does not want to feel love or affection, and simply uses others for his/her own benefit.

    Sounds like Bliar to me!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. one word can sum the Rt Hon Anthony Cecil Blair.........
    a total and proper cnut.

    how can we trust a bloke to run this country when he once looked accross a bar and said "cor she is gorgeous, i will marry that"

    defo a fcukwit and his wifes a jerry springer