Is Bliar a fcking nutter?

Found this interesting site with some interesting insights into our illustrious leader.

Look under the articles, under comments and analysis. It makes some fascinating reading when you condider this idiot has his finger on the button.
Ma_Sonic said:
Have you only just worked this one out Shotgun. We've all known he was barking for years.
Fck me I knew it, but these articles really put it into perspective and go into the real nitty gritty. The one on Hoon is also good and shows what a fcking idiot he is too, and the way they've compiled the quotes is hilarious :lol:


No, he's not a nutter, but he comes from a place where most blokes dont! ( well, MDN might sympathise) He's a closet job, Mandelson is back on the scene.......Nuff said.

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