Is Blandford the worst sigs unit?

The question really far will they go to demorolise the whole unit? Phase three trainees told to march around in courses.....specialists not being able to continue the beret shaping tradition....troop cadre thinking that we are all 16 years old....a parade to clarify we are all alive....BS for the sake of BS....
I was always told that the army is a game and its there to be played...well people want to stop playing anymore because the rules are blatantly ridiculous and are always in favour of the people in charge. People who have been in the army for 18 years should not be expected to march like a phase 2 trainee as we are to now address them. In light of the present situation, it is the phase 2 trainees who are getting treated softly softly and the phase threes who are getting treated like scum. Its political correctness gone mad....It is no wonder so many people are doing stupid things like signing off when they have no reason to stay in anymore. It is in my humble and possibly unheard opinion that 11 signal regiment is the worst unit in the Corps and I have no desire to remain here...apart from the qualification I may receive. Even the instructors are bemused. Oh and I realise that HE was a flatcap...that was a partial error on my part for which I apologise. Although at the same time..he should know many people have said, there are more important things to worry about at the moment.
You have got to think "why have these people been posted to a training regiment like this one??"

there is normaly a reason and it is normaly not because they are exceptional soldiers!!

maybe ficked up somewhere along the line

maybe cant be trusted with a gun

maybe a bit war shy

who knows, but exceptional soldiers i have worked alongside have never been offered the posting of "blandford troop cadre" speaks for itself!!!
Speaking from past exp!! I never did ask or vol for Blandford. I wasnt until i wrote to the unit did i know which post i was to fill!

Yes there is some old and Bald in post! But

To say any are war dodgers or anything else? Heh until youve done all the jobs in the Corps who are we to attack each other we all have a role so fill it.
Come on Weasel, they are the Corps version of the Chosen Men!

Just look at them, thats what the Sprog......sorry, phase 2's aspire to, I bet if you asked most of them they would tell you that they would love to be fat, useless lesbians!!!
In answer to the subject.

Yes, it is.

Not long to go and I'm out of here!!!

As for war dodgers, I can think of one or two people on this camp who only have two medals at most.


and the Jubilee.

It's like Arnold Rimmer from Red Dwarf...

Lister: I didn't know who had any medals, Rimmer, what are they for?

Rimmer: (pointing at each medal in turn) 3 years good service, 6 years good service, 9 years good service and 12 years good service.

Any one who isn't dragged kicking and screaming from a unit to this dump shouldn't be allowed to be part of it!!! It's full of pricks thinking their god when all they are is a jumped up Siggy/Lance Jack/Full Screw (with or without desk)/Stripey and on up the chain. All though they may not neccesarrily be jumped up just cocks, depends on rank.

What is it about Blandford? I've been to many training units, including Bovi, Keogh, Deepcut (yes, that Deepcut), Catterick and even Brecon, where everyone from Skillies to Senior Brecon live in shit holes and double every where in full kit, and no where is there the Bullsh*t and anallity of Blandford.

Is the chalk in the water?
mollzers said:
You have got to think "why have these people been posted to a training regiment like this one??"

there is normaly a reason and it is normaly not because they are exceptional soldiers!!

maybe ficked up somewhere along the line

maybe cant be trusted with a gun

maybe a bit war shy

who knows, but exceptional soldiers i have worked alongside have never been offered the posting of "blandford troop cadre" speaks for itself!!!
Well maybe you want to get yer arrse down there and have a chat... at least two airborne..... and more than a couple of cadre who have been forward of the FEBA as well ..... no more or less exceptional than any other unit in the Signals I'd say........
True ture unfortunately there are to many negatives and not enough positives. There may be good guys in the cadre, i can think of a few myself, but they are outnumbered by total tubes on a power trip
In response to the forum question - Yes.

No doubt, RSS is a morale vaccuum; I enjoyed my time there (5 months) but did not go through the Phase 2/3 grinder.

I know that there have been a lot of recent policy changes, but it will take time for wholesale changes to come through.

Let's add a poll to this forum - 'Would you want/accept a posting to Blandford' and include genuine reasons:

1. Compassionate
2. Training job
3. Sentenced
4. Ordered to go.

Any takers??????

I was given two choices......

Take it.

Or leave it.

Pretty cut and dried that one, and to boot you get zero training in ATRA proceedure before you hit the deck running, two months past before I was breifed up and found that I'd been doing some (according to ATRA) naughty things........ :roll:
Soldiers, Men and Women of 11 Signal Regiment.

It is important that we all stay calm. Life in this regiment is simply unpleasant, and sadly will continue to get worse before it gets better. It is unpleasant for the phase two soldiers, it is unpleasant for the phase three soldiers and it is unpleasant for the Cadre staff. However, we are all heroes every one of us. We are providing the Royal Signals and indeed the whole British Army a huge service, an unpleasant service, but an important one. In order to explain this it is imperative that I take time to locate the source of this unpleasantness, so that we can all focus our frustrations in the right direction.
The blame lies not with the phase two soldier, remember we were all in those shoes once. Some blame the Cadre staff, the “Corporals with desks” to quote a previous entry to this thread. Well I have news for you, they do not make policy here they simply obey orders like the rest of us.
So who makes this policy? Who gives these orders? Surely the blame lies squarely at his door. Indeed my friends it does. The man responsible for all this unpleasantness sits at the very top of the tree, the ultimate link in this sad unpleasant chain. I believe the popular term on this site is “Sunray.”

So, I hear you ask, why have we been given hero status, what great service do we provide to the rest of the Army? Well consider this, A Colonel needs a Regiment to command, it is a requirement that his career can progress. So the dilemma arose in the corridors of power in London, where do we put this man. All other major units in the Corps have the potential to go operational, this means the Commanders of these units would be expected to lead their men into War, ok so we are only the Signals I hear you cry, but there is potential for any soldier to be injured or killed in any area on the field of battle in these uncertain times. So think of this, a man whose major concern is trouser elastics and beret shapes, making decisions that could decide whether you see your family again! Just take a moment to think about it.
So yes this little man is making our lives slightly unpleasant, but by keeping him in a training regiment, the powers that be are making sure that our little annoyance doesn’t turn into mass tragedy for the Army as a whole! British Officers are notoriously lacking in intelligence, Max Hoffmann once described the British Army as “Lions, led by Donkeys” a statement that rings just as true today as it did in World War One. However, the system finds a way to work. I want to close by drawing your attention to one great leader, Sir if you are reading I want you to pay particular attention to this bit:

Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery, a great man, and here’s the important part, respected in the highest order by every single soldier he ever commanded (yes he also won a few battles!!)
I want every person who reads this to take time (you too Sir) to look at a photograph of this man, one of the rare Lions who led Lions. Trouser elastics? Neatly shaped beret? Ask yourself, would this man be chosen to Command 11 Signal Regiment? I know laughable isn’t it! I think I have made my point.

So comrades I will close with a well deserved salute to you all, we suffer and will continue to suffer, so that others can fight effectively without worry.
I apologise for the length of this piece, it is my first and last comment on this matter.
Fair point about the elastics; I tie the laces in my trousers.

My own experience of CO 11 Sigs is that he wants the best out of his unit, and made a few good cries to us on a recent {supervisors} course.

However, from the sheer volume of postings on this forum over the last couple of days suggests that he has caused serious ruptions in this bad place.

Long may this continue; change is always difficult.

Everyone wants the best - its just how you go about it.....

Elastics are good for one place - the BIN! The laces are there for a good reason...... I shall explain!

Elastics constrict the flow of blood to the feet, feet are important in the army (and civilian life too!) The design of the laces at the bottom of the trousers is to enable the flow of blood to the feet, and by carrying out the practice of tying your trouser laces in barracks you will automatically do so in the field, thereby preventing cold feet injury........ best practice in training leads to battle winning ways in the field...... 8)
Elastics constrict the flow of blood to the feet

What sort of weak lizard thinks that! :evil:

Use elastics or laces they both achieve the same result but i personally think that the elastics are quicker and always use them and have never had a cold feet injury.

How do you get a cold feet injury sat behind a desk??

Heat rises; sat behind the desk for 10 hours, your feet start to feel numb, then pins and needles set in, then your toes start to go white, then black and then fall off.

It happens regularly in the Corps. But just not to me.

Or is this a wah? :wink:

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