is blandford like basic training..

every week some sort of rule comes into place making balndford more like basic training.. yea i understand were in training and discipline is still needed but surely to an extent. with the latest lights out rule it is getting worse.. im over 18 but for under 18's its awful.. u have to be in for 22:30 everynight. there sometimes chucked out the bar even when there not drinking. this lights out rule is mainly for under 18's and then u have to ask permission to go home at weekends.. there in the army for gods sake. they volunteered for this, but yet they have to ask there mummy's to go home at the weekend, [/b]
well to quote many people.....its the army! I have come to realise that its something you put up with or get out and i think people should realise that rules are there to make us better soldiers. Lights out is a good idea....people will realise that soon enuff that it is in the best interest of the phase 2 trainees. I very much doubt that the hierarchy get a kick out of these rules....they have been there and done it! So tey to get through it and then get out to the real world and get on with a decent career. That is my advice for anyone, not just the author!
Well life can't be too bad if you can sit in the WRVS all night and hog the Internet access. Stop your winging and let someone else on to gat an email home.
C + F, to save you getting more slaggings from the board, I suggest you either stop posting lots of new drivvle threads or make one post with all you discontented whinges. IMHO, stop whining and consider yourself lucky that you are able to use a computer and internet whilst in training. In my day, we had to pitchfork the WRVS lady to even be allowed to wear 'civilian style' Y fronts.

Posted on your other thread, C + F. You should be revising weapon handling skills, not surfing t'internet.
Children, children, please forgive the pun, however, In the eyes of the law thats what you are, under the age of 18.

the Army ( not Blandford, the big wide Army) have a duty of care to make sure you have enough sleep et etc.

Dont blame the "Army", blame society, oops you are society and your like, not you of course, cry about being imposed on and therefore the Army have an obligation to ensure you get your sleepy bo bos.


Tony B and friends
Well the 2230 rule has been there since i was here on my class 3 so live with it. You are in training so expect to have curfews and stuff I'm sure the old and bold will remind you how they had it worse at catterick. To be frankly honest cover_and_fire i could hit you with a world of abuse but i reckon you're about to get it anyway. just please tell me you aint a tech.
Ok lets address the lights out saga (and a few others!),

Myself I am sad to say I have left Blandford (great place, no honest it is!)

As a proactive Instructor and SNCO after doing more than my fair share of duties let me pass on the benefit of my experience.

Whilst in the whole most Phase 2`s are indeed pretty much well behaved and commited to training there is an increasing element (somewhat spurred on by a growing number of insuboardinate Phase 3) who spoil the whole show for everyone.

Originally before the "duty of care bullsh1t" took hold the Ord Sgt and Ord Officer used to patrol the accomodation and grip all and sundry who thought they could party on into the night, or f*ck around into the early hours disturbing all who were trying to get a goods night kip (remember this is communal accomodation). We are not talking about the odd lad who is up late bulling his boots or heavily revising for an upcoming exam we are talking about first rate f*cknuts who have no concept of life outside their own tiny little minds!

These guys/gals then fall a sleep in lessons become disruptive and drag training down.

The demise of aggresive patrolling by the Ord Sgt and Officer and other policies have let a "colledge campus" style mindset creep in and and now we have a condition where the Phase 2`s pretty much can do what they want in regard to drinking and the mixing of both sexes within the blocks.

Due to some tragic incidents efforts have been made to meet this half way with on duty JNCO`s who can react to incidents and offer advice etc as needed.

Now the chain has been finally yanked your all complaining.

I applaud the CO and his staff for making every effort to return Blandford to Regimental normality, maybe then you will get some bl00dy pride in yourselves and the unit you belong too.

Blandford is the centre of excellence, tarnish it all you will with your smack talk but the majority of Soldiers who leave there are well disciplined and well trained and become worthy of the teams they join.

Now please move on...
They should think themselves bloody lucky, I never get to bed before 01.00 and I,m up again at 06.00. A couple of extra hours kip, would be a dream. :roll:
C and F I hope to God you are posted to my Troop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You'll soon realise that Blandford isn't quite that bad and how easy you have it!!
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