Is Blandford closed on Monday?


Monday 2nd May? I know it's a bit different with Blandford sometimes with not having summer leave and such.

I start a course there next week and I'm assuming its Tuesday I start if its closed obviously.

Yeah, it's fully closed until Tuesday Actually, I've no idea? But if you're stupid enough to ask on the net, then you deserve to be late for your course
But it will be funny as fcuk if they open on Monday... well, not for you obviously :D

Admin... not a dirty word.
Blandford? Bugger Blandford. The whole of Vietnam has shut down to celebrate the anniversary of them winning the Vietnam war. Nice firework display over Saigon tonight though.


War Hero
Nice one, cheers. I look forward to the 6 hour drive while hungover, hah..

Driving while hungover.......................KNOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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