Is Blandford being sold?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Nobbius, Jul 17, 2006.

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  1. I've heard in passing that the camp is going to be sold off and it will move to wales. Something to do with the SSSI and the money to be made.
    Has any one else heard anything or was it just a fart in the breeze! :?
  2. Not sold off but likely to become new home for 1 Sig Bde on return from Elmpt ( Bde HQ, 7 + 16 + ARRC Sp Bn)
  3. It is part of a much bigger plan to collocate all electro-mechanical training on one or two sites. Nothing definite yet and don't expect much before the end of the summer. No move before 2010-2012, if then. Wales has been mentioned, as has Cosford and Bordon.

    Whether that then leads to Blandford being sold off, is another matter.

  4. Been rumoured for years (certainly was in 99 when I was doing my T3), but I doubt it will be with the amount of cash they've spent there.
  5. Not wales my friend, it is going to move to Aldershot.
  6. Personally, I have heard nothing of the sort mate. Being perm staff, we haven't heard a thing about this so it might just be another ARRSE roumour! Well we'll just have to wait and see eh?
  7. The SSSIs don't really mean anything on a sales point of view. In fact whilst they are on an army base they are probably better off.

    Selling it off would cost a lot of money, in terms of what has been built there. Even in 2010-12.
  8. Since when did that make any difference to what the MOD/Govt decide to do?
  9. I was perm staff there a couple of years ago and the rumours were flying round then. Even though they were building the bowman training buildings there was talk of selling the camp possibly to the RAF, but obviously this is all just rumour.
  10. just smile and wave , just smile and wave!!
  11. Why don't you Scaleys all just move back to Catterick and have a nice purpose built camp - those of you who know Catterick from times past will know it was a damn miserable place, but it's really upped it's game and there are some great amenities there now.
  12. From what i have heard we are moving because of the SSSI. With the plan to make it joint service and all and not been able to build new accomodation because of the SSSI. From what i heard the Navy and RAF basicly said 'not a chance of us moving to that sh*t hole' or words to that effect. But may be rumours. Also heard Wales was in the pipe line.
  13. I also heard that we are all going to see where jesus was born to help the homeless people. Don't know if my budgie was telling the truth though as he had a bottle of JD for breakfast. :!:
  14. Sod it, heres my tuppenceworth(posted this week from Blandford....!)

    Theres apparantly a choice between RAF St Athans and some other RAF place (the name escapes me) near Wolverhampton way. Blandford will not be the prefered site for a number of reasons (obvious if you know the place).

    1. No decent access(motorways/trains).

    2. No room to expand the camp due to the SSSI's

    3. Bad press in the past...
  15. I'd heard the main problems with Blandford are lack of good roads and rail links plus its difficult to recruit civilian instructors.

    Why not Catterick its on a good road, entertainment in Darlo is good, instructor recruitment would be easier and Vimy looks like a occupied camp.