Is Blair trying to wangle himself a state funeral????

I’d like to see a statue of BLiar erected in his Sedgefield constituency - as long as it’s there for the same reason there’s a statue of Spencer Percival in Northampton.
I agree entirely! Moggie Dodger should be given a state funeral.
With the caveat that it should be carried out immediately and unmindful of the muffled screams and scratching from inside the corfin!

He wants to be King of Europe next, so a Europe wide month of mourning would ensue.
How many of his /British troops would it take to get the European throne?
HATE the self-serving toadying ,ARRSe licking puppet of Dubya's.
Could be worth it for the "about turn" as his carriage passes through London, with the guard of honour showing him their backs.

Does the smiling harridan get buried with him, ready or not?
WTF!?! I understand that she did do alot for the country but she also caused alot of problems.

I can see this falling flat on it's face. I mean who is going to turn up for it? I can imagine being hijacked by protesters, etc.

This really smacks of Tony trying to wangle himself one (setting the prescent), as well distance himself from his own party.

What a waste of money, time and effort. No wonder his central goverment is in a mess if this is what his office is spending their time on!!!!
She is more worthy of a state funeral than any other PM since Churchill, but has anyone actually bothered to ask her what SHE wants?

After all, she came from a humble background. I doubt she would want such a fuss...
"the honour is normally reserved for politicians who "saved the country at times of dire need".

Just as she did back in the late 70 and early 80s as all MATURE members of the board will know.
perhaps Maggies funeral procession should go through (I'll speel this wrong forsure) Bruenos Aires, after all the rumours that she wanted to flaten the place with a polaris during the war.
Give her a state funeral in Liverpool. I grew up there and left school in 1981, so I’m one of the “mature” members who knows exactly what the venomous old bat did in the late 70’s and early 80’s.

My fellow Scousers will give her a fitting send off, and there’s enough sh!t floating in the Mersey already, so one more bit won’t be noticed.
Please be so kind as to tell about the state of the UK economy in 79.
The decade of the 70s had left UK in Sh1t order and it took someone of Maggei's stature to sort it out. There was no eles on the political seance, NO ONE. She sorted out UK and bitter twist people has used her as whipping 'boy' for their misfortune ever since.
I too cum from the North West and there's no coal mines or cotton mills left in my own town or anywhere I know of.
If matters had been left to the Hiers of Wilson and Heath, two of the worst PM's UK has ever know I doubt the would be a UK as we know know it.
But of course thats exactly what of the some of the bitter twisted Gits always wanted.
When I first glimpsed this I thought for a moment the bastard had died! Shame on you Pomps for giving me false hope.

I don't believe the PM is entitled to a state funeral unless he dies in office (knifed in the back by the Chancellor). But there are so many things that previous governments weren't entitled to that this government have diddled out of the system.
It’s true that the unions were excessively powerful in the late 70’s, I won’t dispute that. Thatcher however, set out to break that power by deliberately targeting the working class.

She decided to destroy the NUM, for instance, by destroying the coal mining industry, knowing full well that it would have a devastating effect on the mining communities, on the people who earned a living in the mines and on all the other businesses that depended on their income – and she didn’t give a damn about them.

The working class was just collateral damage in her battle with the unions, and the mass unemployment when she was PM was a deliberate policy to keep those who still had jobs fearful and compliant so they wouldn’t complain about low pay and poor conditions. Her entire domestic political and economic strategy was based on exploiting the working class to make the rich richer while throwing a few scraps to the middle class to make them believe they were better off. It’s the votes of the middle class that really decide who forms a government, and she gave them just enough to keep them voting for her.

There’ll be celebrations when the devil finally gets his pitchfork into her, and I’ll be one of the ones celebrating.
I'm not quite sure about a State Funeral for the Dear Leader.

How about a public cremation a la Joan of Arc. Hopefully, the WMF will throw herself on the pyre in a fit of grief.
As one of the millions that stood in the delibrately made dole queus of Thatcher,feed her to the dogs............even if she screams!

Note,steel has increased in value more than Gold..................and Maggie killed off the industry........´nuff said.
I think tony should get a state funeral. Im free next Thursday if anyone wants to arrange it
Are there still vacancies in Bernie's pit? Failing that , in here would do :toilet:
One good thing if they erect a statue of President bLair.....
It'll give the Pigions something to sh*t on aside from my f****g car!!

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