Is Blair preparing the ground for coming out?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DonnMac2, Mar 22, 2005.

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  1. Or a Mandelson return to the House of Commons?

    Sunday Mail 20 3 05


    TONY BLAIR has insisted Britain will one day have an openly homosexual prime minister.

    The PM made his prediction in an interview with gay magazine Attitude.

    In the same article, Conservative leader Michael Howard revealed he had changed his mind about Clause 28.

    The controversially repealed law banned councils from 'promoting' homosexuality.

    Blair told the magazine: 'I don't think people would reject a Prime Minister simply on the basis that he was gay.'

    Blair also said there are 'plenty' of homosexual ministers just below Cabinet level.

    Howard - who brought in Clause 28 while he was an environment minister under Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s - was challenged on his track record on gay rights.

    It was pointed out to him that at the time he had suggested it was wrong to teach homosexuality as a normal family relationship.

    Howard said: 'I've changed on that. I was wrong. I thought, rightly or wrongly, there was a problem in those days.

    'That problem simply doesn't exist now.

    'It's not a problem, so the law shouldn't be hanging around on the statute book.'

    Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy expressed scepticism about Howard's change of heart.

    Kennedy said: 'Maybe he adopted this tough persona because that seemed the best way to make his way further up the career ladder.

    'Now he sees that a different persona is required.

    'As long as the Tories are hung up on gay issues, people will think they're weird.'

    Kennedy claimed many gays are switching to the LibDems because of their disenchantment about the 'unfinished agenda' on gay rights.
  2. Reckon the journo at Attitude has been watching too much Little Britain
  3. Personally i think if was tony i would turn to blokes rather than have to sleep with that wide mouthed frog of a wife!!

    Shes just minging!!
  4. Well the one we've got is a cnut so a gay one doesn't really matter does it?!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  5. I personally couldn't care less if we had a gay PM, as long as he/she is open, truthful and doesn't drag us off to war on lies

    However, I would object if it was Mandelson :evil:
  6. I agree with dui-lia. I don't care if he's straight sexually as long as he's straight professionally.

    Mandelson. He might want you to think he is the victim of homophobes but his smarmy, spin-doctoring, lying nature overwhelms all other issues.
  7. Funny that , I think Ruth Kelly looks a bit blokey. Strange mannerisms when she talks too, I know I've seen someone else use exactly the same hand gestures.
  8. He doesn't think that people would reject a Prime Minister on the basis that he was gay?

    Just wait 'til Jethro and Zeb from Bodmin foinds out. Them's still got thier shotguns.
  9. You'd have strange mannerisms if you wore a spiky garter and a hair shirt! IMHO, Opus Dei membership is more worrying than sexual orientation.
  10. 8O 8O 8O ............................ :lol:
  11. No, I think he's just trying to butter up the gay vote in time for the election. The man is (apparently) happily married and has 3, possibly 4 kids now? You're more likely to hear something like "Hi, I'm Tony and I can't live this lie anymore....I'm....a socialist."...
  12. You know, if this were an American site, it'd be "faggots" this and "impeach assmasters" that... :lol: .

    Imagine if someone from Dubya's clique was "suspected" of being gay...bang.
  13. I couldn't care less what Tony's sexuality is, it's his suits I cannot abide. He's the PM for heaven's sake not Jonathan bastard Ross! Just don't get me started on his (often) unpolished shoes or his haberdashery...or his immigration policy...

    We've probably had queer prime ministers anyway, there have been a couple of "confirmed bachelors" and any number of Old Etonians after no big deal unless you are trying to curry favour with the pink vote indeed.
  14. Certainly made me laugh :lol: