Is Big Brother watching me?

:( Is there aproblem with the site this morning? Or is my connection dodgy? The reason being I have been trying to post a repy on the 'Iraq pullout timetable' thread and each time I get so far into it my system freezes and I have to turn the whole thing off to return to normal jogging! As a result I loose everything I typed, being as my name suggests a grumpy old sod, new fangled computers and all that stuff is not second nature and it takes a long time for me to produce this IMHO particularly well thought out and presented piece.
Could it be that I am being modded by big brother before my post hits the screen for not 'towing the party line'??
Any answers greatfully received..........


“THEY” are coming for you.
Don’t you know you’re not supposed to have opinions independent of president B-lair!!!
Sleep with one eye open… the sky is red at night
Notice any black omegas driving past your house?
Thanks for all the reauuring replys fellas!!!! Bring it on, men in black, I'm ready for you!!!!!!!!

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