Is BFBS fit for purpose?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by lastcolonial, Mar 6, 2012.

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  1. Sitting very comfortably in the very expensive leafy lanes of Buckinghampshire. Jollying in Cyprus. Yet can`t seem to be able to afford a bicycle for the Engineer, especially on a Sunday.

    BFBS 1 and BFBS 2 seemingly in competition. Serials out of order, missed or repeated....and, how many times a year is it Christmas in Chalfont?
    BFBS 3 continually repeating programmes and forever cutting programmes short to suit themselves.
    BFBS 4 films on a 2 month variable loop. Horror and Military Massacre films for the Families at home?

    Duff 2nd hand equipment from Israel. that is forever cutting out.

    Where do we find out how much it costs, and out of whose budget?

    But,.........we have to remember that this is not a service, but a favour!
    Perhaps the British Taxpayer could consider this same ethos when it comes to looking at the BFBS Bosses pay?

    How about moving them to Catterick or Colly?

    FAQs | BFBS Television

    Who pays for BFBS?
    The MOD funds the BFBS Broadcasting Contract for Radio and Television overseas. However SSVC funds additional channels from its charitable resources as an enhancement to Forces welfare.

    Ministry of Defence | Defence News | People In Defence | BFBS launches new way for Forces families to stay in touch

    "BFBS is part of the Services' charity SSVC (Services Sound and Vision Corporation), which includes:

    "BFBS TV, providing 10 TV channels for the Forces and their families worldwide
    CSE Forces Entertainment
    SSVC Forces Cinemas
    the British Defence Film Library
    and SSVC Retail."

  2. No idea who funds it but on the whole I don't think they do a bad job. On ops things have got progressively better over recent years, but then being posted in the UK means the only time I actually watch it is when on ops. I do know that the radio licence is coming up for renewal this year and Garrison FM is bidding against BFBS. Not sure what that last sentence actually means, but it was what a BFBS blokey told me.
  3. BFBS Telly is getting better and better - especially on ops. The other week I was watching quite a good soft porn film in the middle of the day. I remember when we only had one channel and that it was only on for a few hours each evening. BFBS radio is absolute shite - shite DJs who talk shite and play shite music who obviously think their target audience are 12 year old spakkers.
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  4. I do agree with the radio shite point. I thnk BFBS do a good job of linking deployed troops and their families, plus being available on DAB helps that, but the music they play is crap. Was in BATUS last year, and was shocked at how crap it was. Ended up listening to some Canadian station who clearly had shares in Lady Ga Ga's airplay stats.
  5. No, especially as some blonde tart in a BFBS car cut me up a few weeks ago.
  6. I always remember BFBS tv and radio being a load of shite. I remember being in BATUS when the 2 resident DJ's walked round the MQ patch like they were stars... spankers.
  7. The Royal Irish Captain who presented a Saturday morning show on Telic 7 was very good though.
  8. Does anyone know how much they cost though? I can't remember the numbers because it was over ten years ago but it was a very steep figure.
  9. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke On ROPs Book Reviewer

    Watch it. You are talking about the woman I love. Seen here with AA Gill in a funny costume, some four eyed git and a tall cunt wearing a comedy tie.

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  10. Oh dear, if this is the general view, things appear not to have improved since the BFPO Radio in the 70's, the Cold War, and Berlin of the 90's. A pity, and opportunities missed .
  11. It all depends as to whether my surprise present is still in the fucking Schrank.
  12. Dunno what it's like now, but it used to be.... erm.... Alan Partridge toeing the party line.
  13. Beefers when on guard was fucking shite. Nothing else to do then pull hairs out of your nostrils and listen to some shitty rave music whilst eating a crap sandwich and a frozen sausage roll.
  14. "Beefers"

    I've always found that its only UK based soldiers on Ops in foreign lands that call BFBS "Beefers".

    I was on stag in Pristina in 99 when some Airborne lads arrived at the front gate and one asked "Have you got Beefers here mate?". I thought he was talking about some unit or other and said "No pal,this is an Engr camp." He then said "No,Beefers -BFBS. I'm after a rugby score."

    Fuck's sake!! :)
  15. Not worth starting a new thread for but does anyone know when BFBS TV is going to work again? (Fally area)