Is Beckham too old for 2010 World Cup?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ALVIN, Oct 15, 2009.

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  1. There is no doubt whatsoever that David Beckham has been a stalwart player for England (well most of the time) over the last 14 years, however, do you think that in the 2010 Word Cup, at the age of 35 years old --- Beckham can still prove himself ?
  2. I don't know but seeing him last night I thought he was an extra for Planet of the Apes
  3. One pass can change a game, and he can play anywhere in the midfield. Not a starter, but I reckon for his one pass ability alone he should be in. Im not the biggest Beckham fan, but no cnut can pass like him.
  4. I didn't realise Wolverine played football...

    If he's playing well then why not... he seems to make a good super-sub.
  5. He is a hell of a player but internationally 90 mins def not, a good suber sub with those free kicks and that i would take him in a squad of 22 def. On another note why is it managers and international managers have an obsession with wayne bridge i think hes shit*e
  6. Indeed - if they take him they arn't obliged to use him.
  7. Last night was a chance to test the "B" team out.

    Mixing it up a bit......Crouch or Heskey?
  8. It's a bit like a scholarship where some thick cnut from the great unwashed, regardless of ability,gets a free ticket to Oxbridge.

    Some dusty Act of Parliament dictates that any England team must have one 'scholarship' player in their squad..

    Graham Taylor had a choice of half a dozen before settling on Carlton Palmer, Bobby Robson had Steve Bull, Glenn Hoddle had Darren 'Ambulance' Anderton, Terrible Venereals had Steve Stone...
  9. Yeah, ---- I think our best tactic is to keep him as "super sub for World Cup 2010.
    ------ Thanks Boys.
  10. He still has a funny voice.Football is still a girl's game.
  11. Take him as a sub, but I still think he's a one trick pony, bit like owen.
  12. Does anyone care?
  13. Even though i'm not English and think that beckham is the most over hyped player in the history of the game, i'd still say he is worth taking as he is something different to bring on. Lennon, wright-phillips and walcot are pretty much the same player and if one of them ain't working against someone then chances are the others won't. Thats why i'd have Becks and j.Cole in the squad with cole pushing for a first team place. In the big games it all boils down to one bit of magic, one great free kick, one super cross etc and he can still do that!
  14. No left foot, cannot header, cannot tackle and doesnt score enough goals in open play. Thanks for getting sent off in 98 when we had the Argies on the run Mr Beckham, thanks but no thanks!
  15. does it matter? Except on one occasion in the past 43 years, England have never looked like coming close to winning the World Cup. The hype might be justified if the semi-final or final were regularly reached, let alone winning but not otherwise IMO