Is basic today really that much easier than it was in the late 80's?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Davey075, Jul 5, 2012.

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  1. Times have changed...possibly for the better in most aspects of life.

    But I still think todays recruits should experience the delights of getting by on about 2 or 3 hours sleep a night, making bedblocks, taking part in change parades, BFT's in boots and denims, having most of the contents of your locker hurled around the room during inspections (or out of the window if you were really unlucky) plus all the other general sadistic behaviour unleashed upon the squad by overzealous training full screws.

    Its all 'bring your own duvets' and 'gentle encouragement' these days.

    Mongs today don't know they were born.
  2. We only had NI to "worry" about and were looking forward to getting p*ssed in BAOR and the clap in Belize and HK.

    The young lads today have been facing the prospect of real active service so a bit less b*llshit is probably appropriate.
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  3. Happy times though werent they
  4. "Mongs today"? Are you real?

    I went through the bed blocks, pointless 'change parades' block punishments, shite draughty spider accommodation and 38 pattern webbing halcyon days of basic in 1976.

    It was shit.

    We sucked it up though and carried on. (Except for Taff, who paid his £20 and fecked off)

    But I'm pretty sure my basic was easier than those lads who went through Depot 10 years before me, and it was harder 10 years before that.

    But I'm talking about the generations who could cope with that shite, and often it was an easier life than some got at home, and we were certainly not the brightest bulbs in the light bulb basket either.

    Today's soldiers are better educated, better fed, better housed and trained for a completely different type of enemy than we were, and the days of getting a good shoeing from a sadistic full screw for some perceived triviality are long gone, thank ****.

    It's like dating a dwarf with a learning difficulty. It's not big, and it's not clever.

    I suggest you pop down to Millets, get hold of some shite webbing and a pair of ammo boots, double yourself over to a darkened cellar and spend some time wanking over your puttees whilst you rethink your next cretinous post.

    "Mongs today." Have some fecking respect FFS.
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  5. Bet you were a real whinger in basic
  6. Bet you're twat in real life.

    Regardless of whether they have it easier than we did, they are doing the ******* job well enough, and have been for the last 12 years.

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  7. Nope.

    You obviously were though, and judging by this post, you still are. Suck it up tough guy and move on. No place for hedge babies here.

  8. An over enthusiastic RD LCpl once headed for the window clutching my best boots, I followed him and whispered in his ear about the prospect of him following the boots if he was stupid enough to throw them. After that room inspections were well cushty!
  9. I would say that fighting to get a duvet into its cover is far harder than folding blankets and stacking them nicely.
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  10. Really?
  11. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    It is easy to look back on the basic trg days with rose-tinted glasses and wallow in the nostalgia of a life less complicated. But as I start to remember a little more, what hits me is how pointless it was - some of the things they used to make us do. I now realise that most of the full screws that 'led' us, were a bunch of sadistic twats who had no place in the field force, and were often sent to these places after a stretch in Colly, or because they were simply shit at everything else.

    Don't get me wrong - we had one or two good ones (by comparison). But that didn't detract from the fact I spent most of every day of every one of the 14 weeks with a permanent lump in my throat and an adrenaline rush in anticipation of what bullshit was coming next. "Happy days" is an expression I use in the most sarcastic manner there is.

    Although on the positive side, I suppose it gave me a datum to measure everything else by, and nowadays I have a lot of appreciation for how well-off we are by comparison. Something lost of todays soldiers I feel, when they start to throw their teddies in the corner over having to smarten up a little for our 'MONTHLY' CO's pde.

    Trg = Training
    Pde = Parade (for all you civvie cnuts and SCHs using the site)
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  12. Dooo what??? 3 mins if that
  13. It's always easier for those that follow eh?

    Well, the local tart that was "easy" for everyone who went through training before me was well hard, I couldn't shag it.
  14. Still it must be hard for the poor darlings? How can they concentrate for five minutes with someone's i-Phone going off every five minutes? And the knowledge that if you do make a boo-boo it will be all over Facepest within seconds, intolerable pressure...
  15. My wife can do that in about 2 minutes...

    She can't make a decent bed block though.

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