Is ARSSE monitored??

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by schoolstaffinstructor, Jan 26, 2006.

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  1. Does anyone reckon any senior commanders, green slime James bond type character monitor ARRSE???
    Could be for a wide range of reasons?? Improve the army? Stop the revolution?
    Apologies if this has been done before
  2. Monitor???
    They’re the ones posting threads on poo and mongs :D
  3. Of course it's monitored, why else do you think several members make outrageous comments regarding the (Alleged) sexual preferences of Senior Officers?
  4. Land G6 (allegedly) read this, as do CVHQs, so one assumes most head-sheds must 'look in' to see if they are either being defamed or slagged off.
    I love my OC, I love my CO, I love everyone, now will you please untie me !!
  5. I think monitor may be the wrong word. It is the ARMY rumour service, not just the lower ranks of the army rumour service!!!
  6. In a word yes at least at regiment and brigade level i know of several members of RHQ who monitor this site, hence comments about alledged liking for cocker spaniels
  7. Cocker Spaniels? I was thinking more along the lines of the "Armageddon" hamster radio broadcast.
  8. My first quick-glance reading of that was "alleged licking of Cocker Spaniels!" :oops: :? :lol:
  9. you all should tell your officers exactly what you think, courteously of course, it's treasonous to keep your mouth shut.

    the reason I have not revealed my rank, which is Captain, is because of the huge gulf between my status and most of you here, for fear of alienating the underlings.
  10. There'll be some poor passed over SO/RO somewhere charged with this task, no doubt.
    SO2 IT (Unforseen Circumstances) or something.....
    "And ...and what do YOU do?" asks grinning Brimsy-like 3 star
    "I monitor ARRSe, General......." (Grown Up backs away smartly)
  11. yes its moniterd along with the bugs placed in the phone lines and cameras in the lightbulbs quick put on a tinfoil hat!
  12. TROLL

    PTP please sort this 'officer' out
  13. Ah! Wondered when we would be blessed with your utterances again. I fully concur. There is a hell of a gap between you and the majority of ARRSErs - but I suspect rank has little to do with it.
  14. It's....

    Captain America....
  15. what an absolutely filthy mind dozy!!! but probably licking too.....