Is ARRSE to be closed?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by KGB_resident, Aug 10, 2007.

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  2. What a suprise to see who's stirring again!! :D
  3. Lets get some perspective folks

    Most of what is posted here is banter, plain and simple

    Very little is in anyway subject to OPSEC/PERSEC, the site polices itself exceptionally well.

    What little may have OPSEC/PERSEC content , is usually posted here by outside agencies/journo's /Blondbint etc looking to make a bit of a shock/name for themselves. Most serving personnel are very circumspect in their responses, especially if it has direct OPSEC/PERSEC inferences.

    Just my tuppenny worth
  4. I would be extremely upset in this case.
  5. The pseudo-Russian has a point. MOD can unilaterally decide what does or does not constitute allowable free-speech by troops. Of course it can't touch ex-servicemen, service dependents, military historians, journalists and so Arrse must flourish even if if becomes a "A friend of friend currently serving in a unit the name of which I artfully disremember said..." sort of a web-site. ;)
  6. I agree Cuddles, although "A friend of friend currently serving in a unit the name of which I artfully disremember said..." Shouldn't occour anyway.
  7. Ok so if I for instance changed my user name to FRIEND_OF_THE_IRON and let him write my posts would that be ok :?
  8. Thats it then, a sticky for "British Army tactics and strategy 2003-2007", for amateur historians, antiquarians, and ex army bods pleading "well in my day.......". It should work a treat.
  9. Yes I am sure that would cover it
  10. Does this mean we qualify as reverse walts then? (If we were indeed serving forces..which of course im not saying we are!)
    My head hurts now.....
  11. I disagree with many of the opinions voiced on ARRSE - the lauding of UKIP, the casual authoritarianism, the working class conservatism masquerading as 'common sense' - but it's one of the most political (small 'p') message boards on the internet with the capacity to annoy government ministers and military brass in ways they should be annoyed in a healthy democracy. It's also infested with skulking journos which is funny...

    Stand firm ARSSE. :threaten:
  12. Isnt Arrse full of walts, civpop and SCH anyway? :roll:
  13. Tell me you like the disability/ginger hair stuff and all the threads about masturbation :D
  14. If I delete from my sig "I am not EX_REME yet" will I be ok?
  15. LINKS... LINKS... :x