Is ARRSE selling out?

Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by Bad CO, Dec 21, 2005.

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  1. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    Having just read through the thread in the NAAFI on this topic I thought I'd produce an 'official' site response.

    The first thing to say is that I never got the chance to see the post by our newest sponsor (Sin Delites) that so upset Shortfuse et al. Having said that we did suggest to Sin Delites that they should post on the top of the forum explaining who they were, what they offer, etc. This is something we suggest to all site sponsors as a form of introducing themselves.

    Some other points:

    1. Sin Delites is a company run by the wife of a serving soldier who is just trying to make a bit of cash no doubt whilst doing the usual family/home juggling act. She is also fully aware of the issues with BFPO numbers etc so should hopefully be 'services friendly.'

    2. She is selling stuff that is freely available all over the internet and/or by popping in to your local branch of Ann Summers. As an aside I gather that a number of larger high street stores are also now doing the same. For my money this is just another indication that as a nation we are getting less squeamish about the whole sex issue.

    3. ARRSE is a site designed for adults, the majority of whom are in the age bracket where sex is something they are very interested in. Thus an advert selling this sort of stuff is likely to have an appeal to a significant part of our users. In this day and age I'm also fairly certain that users of both sexes can find something on the Sin Delite site that may be of interest to them......

    4. Like all sponsors, the cash contributed by Sin Delites is important for a number of reasons:

    a. It pays off previous debts (£220/month hosting bill, etc)

    b. It allows us to expand (see recent £2k server bill).

    c. Probably most importantly, it keeps GCO and myself motivated when we are answering yet another email (approx 30-40 per day), filling in Inland Revenue paperwork or debugging some piece of software. Given that we spend approx 1-2 hours per day working on the site I'm sure you can understand why this is no longer a 'fun hobby' for us.

    5. We do actually give some thought to who we accept as 'Sponsors' and have turned down a number of debt consolidation and loans companies who have approached us in the past.

    I hope this clears us the site position on this issue but feel free to come back to us.

  2. I spend the vast majority of my working day (& a fair amount of the rest of my life) on the net in one form or another.
    In my opinion, the advertising on ARRSE is far from being intrusive.
    There are many many popular sites that almost ram the advertising down your throats - just take a look around.
    To those who feel the need to whinge, I would say, wind your necks in you ungrateful cnuts.
    If an advertisers posts annoy or irritate you, just skip over them, it's not rocket science, just move the focus of your eyes down about an inch.



    N.B. here follows an advert.....


    Edited because of the swear filter.
  3. personally i don't find the ads a problem at all. its not like you have a bunch of annoying pop ups everytime you open a page. you don't have to click the links if they don't appeal to you so to be honest, i can't really see what all the hoo ha is about
  4. On reading the original thread, my only concern was that it would make the site a little less work-safe but the ad seems discrete and doesn't give me cause to open the forum page with concern. Just a point to bear in mind.

  5. I couldn't agree more. Thats why when we designed our logo ad for the site we took into consideration who would possibly visiting the site and from where. As you said our banner is descreet, but I feel it's no less of a work-safe site than for example Kathy West, which displays full female nudity. The pictures on our site are all edited and show no genitalia what so ever.

    Thank you BCO for the above points and support, which I hope will make things a little easier for people to understand in regards to advertising.
  6. Great bit of free advertising that has certainly 'raised' your profile Sin.

    Working on that principle, it looks like either shortfuse and MDN are after a few freebies (the strap on probably appeals most if you have a boy dick) for raising our awareness to your site or they are infact partners in the business. Well done all.

    (Now, i quite like the look of that rubber bikini.....not for me you understand, but does it come in fcuk off large??)
  7. Kathy West scares me. Any chance of toning her down a bit?
  8. Shut it, she can scare me anytime. :D
  9. BadCO am I correct in thinking that the nature and volume of adverts is based on the donations you make to the site? I realise that we probably have a lot of members who are retired (veterans especially) and who may not be able to afford to contribute much if any but I suspect some of our complainants would find the site a lot more fun to be on if they weren't treating it as a freebie.

    As a response to one of your comments above - thank you both (You and GCO) for keeping this site going. It is an invaluable resource as well as a source of great entertainment.
  10. Arrse Licker.
  11. RTFQ



  12. Clam licker
  13. I've just been on the sponsers site , wish I'd seen it before I started getting the wifes xmas pressie !
  14. No problem with sponsorship, but do I not recall 'saucy' things being deleted because kids might access the site? Seems a bit odd that links to naked ladies are removed, and yet Kelsey and her ten year old mates can admire the shape and form of six inch butt plugs.

    Actually I do have a problem with sponsorship. I asked GCO about six months ago what it would cost to advertise on the site and didn't even get a reply.
  15. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    Sorry for that. I'm usually pretty good in answering things, but I may have missed one or if it was an email it is possible our rather over-diligent spam filter got it.