Is ARRSE selling out ???

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by shortfuse, Dec 21, 2005.

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  1. Just been looking in "The best of Naffi" as to be frank apart from the welcome return of people like The Rigger and Convoy cock the NAFFI has been full of f ucking dross and hangers on who wouldn't know what funny was if it ran over a disabled child in a steamroller in front of them

    and what should i come across at the top of the page...

    F ucking "sin delites" advert ..... for vibrators.....

    not only that but the cheeky cu-nt has managed to get a sticky at the top of the board.... peddling their false c0cks. ..... ironic really as the rest of this site is becoming chokka with them.

    "the Best of NAAFI" is the LAST bastion of what was once great about this hysterically funny site before it became "E-Trisha" and i can retreat there knowing i will be amongst friends

    What the f uck is going on with this site.... not only is it being run by a behind the scenes split arrse mafia, but now on the one bit of the site left that remains funny we've sold it to a f ucking sex shop ...

    C.O.'s .... what going on ?????

    I'm all for site sponsorship don't get me wrong.... but why give them a thread to peddle their wares.... isn't the advert at the top enough ??
  2. Thats wrong, just fecking wrong. The best of the naafi bar was created so the decent stuff didnt get bogged down with cr@p like that.
  3. Thanks for the negative comments guys. The thread was a one off just to inform people what we are about. If you dont want to look at the link then dont. But remember we, like the other advertisers are paying sponsor fees, which help keep the site running and free for YOUR use.

    Sin Delites

    P.S Apologies to those who seem offended.
  4. it's not what it is ............ its WHERE it is...

    this sites already starting to become one big dating/knitting club

    leave us something for f ucks sake.

    there's an area for the birds called the "split arrse" its where they go to stir their cauldrons and plot...

    advertise in there.
  5. I started a thread a while ago whining about the demise of the NAAFI and the overtaking of the boards by dullards... maybe this is payback.

    Is the sex shop geared towards those chasing cock that have failed and need rubber ones to fall back on :D

    I've never quite got my head around the title 'Arse Maidens' who are they? does anyone actually confess and own up to being one? is it not a derogatory term?

    I suppose in a round about way we should thank the Arse Maidens for whinging about the Gallery, it was getting stale, but last night I had a couple of belly laughs at the nice posts made about the new ladything from Cheshire.

    Arse Maidens, stand up and be counted here......
  6. I don't have a beef with the sponsors, without them the site ceases to be funded, and then we'll have to go back to writing on walls and on ou knuckles.

    If the boards with more hits, clicks and popularity go for a higher premium then so be it, thats just business.

    BTW... Sindelites, have you got anything that I can jam up my back box while I knock one out? :D
  7. There may be an area for split arrses. However, why would we pay sponsor fees to a forum which doesnt have much traffic. It would be pointless. The reason the forum was chose was because of the amount of people which visit. The idea behind the thread as I said ws just to make a one off ad. We wasn't planning on repeatedly bombarding you with sales ad's.
  8. As SF said it's where not what. Yes i know all users read the board (lets be honest it's the funniest stuff on here) not just the blokes but surely the most popular board shouldnt be used to advertise something with a limited market. I can just imagine the big hairy infantry type on tour sitting down reading humurous stories about following through and skiffing and thinking to himself. "oh i know i'll just buy myself 50 pounds worth of vibrators so i can get my free gift as i'm at a bfpo address". I'm not trying to alienate the female users of arrse or any blokes of that persuasion (smoojalooge) but surely this advertising could be put somewhere more suited (The other half, lonely hearts, the infantry etc) And what would be prime advertising space could be used for something more people would be interested in (and more money could be charged for). If that makes any sense.
  9. No worries...............

    you just turned up at a bad time.

    a lot of things lately have been making mt sh1t itch on this site, and as the best of NAAFI is popular i suppose in time your post will slip away...

    it just gripped my prostate.... do you sell anything that might do a better job of it... my fingers keep slipping off and i squirt sp unk in my own face :D
  10. Who cares its only a picture , and you lot call me a dullard !
  11. because you are .................. dullard :D
  12. He is right, you are a dull

    Are you an Arse maiden?

  13. isnt that what gary glitter said
  14. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Never noticed it till you pointed it out.

    Have you been slipped a back hander to help publicize the advert?
  15. [quote="
    "oh i know i'll just buy myself 50 pounds worth of vibrators so i can get my free gift as i'm at a bfpo address" .[/quote]

    The fact is we are also at a BFPO address and know that there are people overseas who are unable to purchase these items through the net etc. as they have a BFPO address. If we appear to be conning you in sum way that wasn't our intention. But to merely offer items at prices that are extremely competetive to other companies that sell within BFG etc. Being a wife off a serviceman, I know how frustrating it can be trying to order the simplest of items.