Is ARRSE next?


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I've just discovered that the MOD IGS is blocking RearParty ( A less controversial forum site I have never come across! :frustrated:

Is ARRSE (and it's cousins) next I wonder? :thumbdown:
They are having a laugh. What will I do all day at work if I cant get on Arrse?

The moral police are out to destoy us
Can't see it being blocked as most of the hierarchy read the site to find out what's "really" going on . . .


I think the powers that be believe that if you quieten the troops the real problems with the forces will disappear! Fat chance of that, I hope. They should be sitting up and taking note of the issues and actioning them instead of sitting with their heads in the sand and thumbs up the arrse!!!!


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They've done it at my work now as well. I can't get on rearparty, but I can still get on Arrse thankfully.
Just a thought, but is it some over-zealous anti-porn software blocking out the word 'rear'?

I think I remember a similar example when the website of Scunthorpe Council got blocked. By Scunthorpe Council.


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Lucky_Jim said:
Just a thought, but is it some over-zealous anti-porn software blocking out the word 'rear'?

A very good thought. As an experiment I just tried and that was instantly blocked. I don't even know if such a site exists, honest guv!

It also blocks a bunch of flight simmimg sites because they're 'gaming' sites. IGS - putting the **** back into analysis.


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Bizarrely isn't blocked. Can't beat a bit of consistency. Perhaps consistency isn't a good choice of word when discussing rear and arse ;)


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The Army should be blocking, but the Navy and Air Force shouldn't.
Sam, just a quick question mate.

Why are you trying to get to rearparty?

If it's fat birds you are after, there are plenty on here. ;)


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Flash, Mrs Caine wanted some info. And no, she isn't a fat bird, at least that's what she told me to say ;)
Quite frankly: If they block Rear Party, they ought to be shot.

They should be actively encouraging squaddies to have a look and get their wives involved... there's a hod of support there for OH's whose blokes are on tour... just see how many "days to do" banners they post. I am disgusted at the shortsightedness. Encourage the site as much as possible... it's a great way to keep wives in contact after they've been shuttled about after their hubbies. Rant not over... I am annoyed.
I think it's probably as Lucky_Jim suggests. Autoblocking from the software and not a conspiracy to further reduce moral.

Maybe if it was flagged up to the IT bods who run it, it could be sorted?

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