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Is ARRSE invisible on the WWW?

Hammers - it could be might be reduced to playing a notoriously absorbing online game ON YOUR PHONE !

Which game would that be Goats? I hear the plaintive cry from sweating masses of labouring home workers.

Why THIS ONE of course..... :)

here is a typical fellow player:

View attachment 462293

( Gwan ,G'wan ,G'wan....GO ON!!! You know ye want to.....)

Morning @Goatman,
Everybody knows this is the ONLY game to play on a phone.

Keeping me sane during 'The Clampdown':frustrated:
An oldie but goodie:

If Typhoo put the T in Britain, who put the **** in Scunthorpe

OK, I'll get my coat. Oh. No. Can't. I'm cocooned. Cocooned! Were all cocooned!

Lewis Hamilton of course
The illuminati control this site, that's why.
Yep. A secretive cabal of New World Order globalists based in a nondescript coastal town in Lancashire. The Blackpool illuminati.

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