Is anyone still awake?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Bristolbabe_2k, Apr 17, 2006.

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  1. Hiya all,

    Just wondering if any of you guys are awake as im wide awake and bored! lol

    Hope your all ok though... :D
  2. Still awake! It is 0915 hrs where I am sat!
  3. Look on the left luv, there's a whole list of people. Not me though, I'm not into this lark.
  4. I am still awake.

    0219 where I am..
  5. I'm new to this site, only discovered it about 10 mins ago :p

    So hows everyone, and what your excuse for not being tucked up in bed?
  6. I'm Jewish.
  7. And whats that got to do with it, lol... hehe :p
  8. Suggest you take this to CHAT.
  9. I'm at work...but contemplating a round of golf along a palm fringed coastline overlooking the South China Sea...
  10. Yep... chat is the way forward here.
  11. Sounds nice... your lucky, though dont see the craze in golf myself :p
  12. I think Bristolbabe is a troll. She (he?) just wimped out of chat.
  13. No, really?
    Fancy a bit of copy and paste action then?
  14. and the point of this thread............apart from seeing if you can get moved to the ARRSEHOLE on your first post?

    go and bother some other forum troll.