Is anyone online?

Just joined because I'm bored, didn't really want to start a new topic in Lonely Hearts but couldn't find anywhere else suitable enough for such a pointless thread :p

Sooo...IS there anyone online just now then??? :?
No, it's just you.

Nobody else is here. Not the people who viewed this thread,

Not the 67 people listed under the community banner and especially not the people listed in the "Who's Online" page...

It's just you, all alone...

Hope that answers your question.
Im here in body but not in mind, Sun is way too hot outside my air conned window... Counting the time before I go for scoff and then come back again... grrrrreeeaaattt !!!!!!!


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The_Snail said:
Do you think she was trolleyed and has forgotten all about posting at 0423hrs?

I do that all the time.
You forget about your posts when you do them during the day. You can't be off your face all the time.

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